Arkin (Josh Stewart) escapes from the captivity of a vicious serial killer called “The Collector” after the villain adds a beautiful young woman named Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) to his collection of people. He doesn’t get the chance to recover from his trauma though. Arkin is immediately kidnapped by Elena’s father and coerced into returning to the Collector’s deadly warehouse with mercenaries to save her.    

Director/Writer: Marcus Dunstan (“Piranha 3DD,” “The Collector”)

Co-Writer: Patrick Melton (“Piranha 3DD,” “The Collector”)

ORIGINALITY RATING: High. About a month ago I watched “The Collector,” the predecessor to this film, and I was completely blown away. It is insanely suspenseful and utterly sadistic, easily the scariest horror movie I’ve seen in a long while. The only thing that disappointed me about the flick when I watched it is the “bad guy wins” ending that it has. But now I’m thrilled to see there’s a sequel coming out, and anxious to see Arkin take another shot at The Collector. Based on the trailer, this movie is clearly upping the ante with extra gut-wrenching violence and torture. I mean heck, we see the clip of the guy killing an entire warehouse of people with some crazy grain harvester contraption. If The Collector could set lethal booby traps on in someone else’s house, can you imagine how frightening he’ll be on his own turf? I certainly can. I’m pumped to see “The Collection,” hopefully it will be as good as “The Collector.”   

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Horror junkies that can’t get enough gore, suspense, and torture in their flicks. If you really got into Marcus Dunstan’s thrilling horror movie “The Collector,” then you should see its sequel “The Collection.”


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