A mother (Elizabeth Shue) and a daughter (Jennifer Lawrence) move into the home of their dreams, in a quaint rural town, which is harboring dark secrets. They quickly discover that they live next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents. And when the daughter tries to befriend the surviving son, she learns that the terror is far from over.     

Director: Mark Tonderai (“Hush”)

Writer: David Loucka (“Dream House,” “Boderline”)

Based On: Story by Jonathan Mostow

ORIGINALITY RATING: Low. I’m still incredibly amused by the fact that the Twitter hashtag for this film is #hates. It’s only one letter away from hate, a word people will likely use to describe their feelings about this horror flick. Its title is so generic and forgettable, that I almost accidentally typed “The Last House on the Left” instead of “House at the End of the Street,” while working on this column. Probably the most original thing about this movie is its trailer, which starts immediately with the scares instead of building up to them like most previews. From there you see a series of clips that go backward chronologically in time. If the actual movie employs unexpected tricks like that, it might be worth watching.   

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Horror junkies with a preference for haunted house style flicks. If you appreciate Jennifer Lawrence’s dramatic work and you’re interested to see if she’s versatile enough to handle horror, then you should catch “House at the End of the Street.”          

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