Five years after the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, a suburban family experiences bizarre happenings in their neighborhood following the arrival of a woman and mysterious child.

Directors: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (“Paranormal Activity 3,” “Catfish”)

Writer: Christopher Landon (“Paranormal Activity 2 &3,” “Burning Palms”)

Based On: Story by Chad Feehan (“Beneath the Dark,” “Mandy Lane”) 


ORIGINALITY RATING: Low. Want to know something I think is unusual and scary about this trailer? There’s a box of Golden Crisp on the counter in one of the shots. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat that cereal, so that’s freaky right? The only thing that seems different about this “Paranormal Activity” film is the use of webcam footage, where one of the characters is interacting with another in the screen. That’s really not new though. I’ve already seen that in the found footage horror flick “V/H/S” and judging from this trailer, the other movie used the visual trick in a much more interesting and compelling way. I’m going to pass on “Paranormal Activity 4,” just like I did on 1-3.  

WHO SHOULD SEE IT: People who haven’t grown weary of this franchise or found footage style horror. Or if you’re just bored and looking for something spooky to see close to Halloween, you might give “Paranormal Activity 4” a shot.  

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