1) Ride Along- 25M Weekend, 77M Total

After opening to first place, a record setting first place by the way, last weekend, Ride Along should cool off a bit this weekend. Audiences seemed to be generally happy, even if critics weren’t. That should lead to a 45% drop this week to about 25M. It should easily be the #1 movie, unless I Frankenstein is a breakout hit.

2) I Frankenstein- 16M Weekend, 16M Total

Was not screened for critics. Not a good sign. Also, I honestly think this movie has been undermarketed. Aaron Eckhart is not a proven star. The only thing going for this film right now is that it’s from the guys who did Underworld, and it is PG-13. Teens might show up this weekend, as there isn’t much else for them to see (except perhaps Ride Along).

3) Lone Survivor- 15M Weekend, 94M Total

Lone Survivor has been holding well, and another 40% drop to 15M is likely. The Mark Wahlberg pic closes in on the 100M mark, which it should pass the following weekend.

4) The Nut Job- 12M Weekend, 40M Total

The surprise hit should hold pretty well, as there is no new competition.

5) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit- 9M Weekend. 30M Total

The underwhelming Jack Ryan has the benefit of being one of the more well-reviewed new releases. It shouldn’t drop too hard, and might eek out Frozen for the final spot in the Top 5. They’ll be neck and neck.

6) Frozen- 9M Weekend, 348M Total

Unstoppable. Juggernaut.

7) American Hustle- 8.5M Weekend, 128M Total

The Oscar nominated film will continue to push along, with a very small dip this weekend.

8) August Osage County- 6.5M Weekend, 27M Total

August Osage County should have another small dip this weekend, as people are checking out the nominated performances from Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

9) The Wolf Of Wall Street- 6.5M Weekend, 100M Total

The Wolf Of Wall Street might hit 100M on Sunday. If not, then Monday for sure.

10) Her- 4.0M Weekend, 20M Total

Either Her or Devil’s Due will finish out the Top 10.