7. Jaleel White (Actor) & Kym Johnson
Dance: Jive
Song: Bruno Mars- "Marry You"
Scores: 7,7,7
Judges: Carie Ann said that since Jaleel blew off the roof last week, it made it a little difficult for him to top that performance. She also added that Jaleel was a little flat footed. Bruno said that Jaleel cooks a very good course, but needed to be sharper. Len said that the performance needed to be a bit more crisp and sharp, and that he expected more after last week.

This performance was a shocker. After leading the pack last week I assumed that Jaleel would end up in the top spot again, but the performance was a big disappointment.

8. Maria Menounos (Actress, Author and TV Host) & Derek Hough
Dance: Quickstep
Song: Brian Setzer Orchestra- "Sexy Sexy"
Scores: 8,8,9
Judges: Carie Ann said that Maria's frame and hold is what they look for, and that her performance was a big improvement from last week. She continued on by saying that Maria lost it in the middle though. Bruno said Maria kiss me. Then he asked her where did she get her frame from. He continued by telling her she lost one step, but he thought it was brilliant. Len said the quickstep is about balance, speed and control, and that he thought she had both. He added that it was an improvement from last week.

I thought Maria’s performance was a big improvement from last week, and I can see her going far in this competition.

9. Martina Navratilova (Tennis Player) & Tony Dovolani
Dance: Jive
Song: Billy Joel- "Tell Her About It"
Scores: 6, 5, 6
Judges: Carie Ann loved the approach to this routine, but said Martina missed several counts. She added that it was nice to see the couple out there, though. Bruno said that Martina couldn’t keep up with the dance, but there was a moment when she let her hair down. Len said that it was too neat and precise, and that she needs to come out and attack.

Martina tried, but just couldn’t keep up with the steps. This performance was my least favorite.

10. Donald Driver (NFL Football Star) & Peta Murgatroyd
Dance: Quickstep
Song: James Blunt-"Stay the Night"
Scores: 8,8,8
Judges: Carie Ann said that all those years of watching Dancing With The Star is paying off. She continued to say that the performance was elegant and refined. Bruno said refined and elegant. He added that Donald did very well. Len said that the performance was one of the best of the night. In addition, he told Donald that he watched last weeks’ performance and wanted to apologize for his remarks. Adding that he thought the previous performance was great.

Peta challenged Donald with an extremely hard routine this week, and he made it look like it wasn’t challenging at all. The performance was lively, very energetic and by far one of the best of the night.

11. Gavin DeGraw (Singer and Songwriter) & Karina Smirnoff
Dance: Jive
Song: Wakefield- "Wild One"
Scores: 7,7,7
Judges: Carie Ann said that part of the competition is about pushing boundaries, and Gavin did just that. She added that she liked how animated his performance was. Bruno said that he liked the Elvis movement. Len said that he liked the feel of the dance, his attitude and thought it was an improvement from last week.

Gavin’s energy and attitude was amazing. I would say that he was the most improved of the week.

12. William Levy (actor) & Cheryl Burke
Dance: Quickstep
Song: George Gershwin- "Nice Work If You Can Get It"
Scores: 9,7,9
Judges: Carie Ann said that Williams knows how to turn the heat up. She added that he was like the Harry Connick Jr. of the ballroom. Bruno said even fully clothed William has the ability to dazzle. Len said that there was a lack of body contact, and he thought it was good but not great.

William managed to heat things up once again, and proved that he can do more than latin dancing. This performance was a great way to end the show.


Highest Scores: Katherine & Mark (Jive 26) and Roshon & Chelsie (Quickstep 26)

Lowest Scores: Martina & Tony (Jive 17)

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