Nancy's in a good mood again, because she has a plan: Coppenhagen. The hash is being sold now that they have their highly illegal and untested liquid drug, and they may have found a way to get passports out of there. The bartender she traded the drugs with knows someone who might be able to help, but Andy has to go and do it since he doesn't respect women. Everyone forgets that Nancy has bigger cajones than Andy, apparently. But it gives her time to follow her gut about that man she met last week. She has a feeling that he was not who he said he was, so she goes around asking people if they remember Ellis Tate.

Psycho Teacher (Mr. Schiff) says Ellis was a girl, so that cements in Nancy's head that they might be in trouble. When she goes into trouble mode, people better run. Shane spends the day with the truly deranged Mr. Schiff who insists that they're all going to leave, and Nancy will stay with him. They never quite address the fact that this teacher had sex with Nancy when she was a teenager. Yes, she's always been a bit vampish it seems, but she was still a kid and he's clearly not a good guy. Or a sane guy. Every time he starts talking about her, I feel like someone should call Chris Hansen. Anyway Shane eventually admits they're leaving for good, and Mr. Schiff drinks some of their creepy drug. He flips out while he's high and says he'll kill himself and/or just loopily jumps on a little trampoline.

Silas spends the day with his could-be dad. He finally gets to the point with him and admits he's Nancy Price's son. Then he just blurts out in the middle of their conversation that he might be Lars' son. It's cool how they've been handling Lars. He might seem like a bit of a loser, but he also seems like a nice man. He's uncomplicated but kind and good tempered. Silas definitely shares a few traits with him other than looks. But he's just looking for some way to get out of his crazy family, I'm guessing. He confesses all to Andy, and Andy points out Judah is his father no matter what, but Nancy is the one he should ask. That should be an interesting confrontation.

Andy is a little stressed since he does go to get the passports from a clearly influential businessman, and he asks Andy to kill his future son in law ... the same bartender that sent them there! Whoops. Obviously Andy's not so much for the killing, and he stresses out about what to do. He mentions using Shane once. Ha. Sorry Andy, the kid might've killed one woman, but you could argue he did it in self-defense of her family since she was threatening them. Who knows with Shane. Andy ends up just telling the bartender what happened, and seeing if he can find a way to play both sides to get them the passports they need.

Meanwhile Nancy tracks down the fake Ellis Tate, but not after being told a truly depressing story by a woman she Mean Girl'ed in high school. Surprise, he's a reporter. He wants to tell her life story, and she decides to do it. Unsurprising, Nancy would love the idea of telling her side of things. Finally! It should be interesting to see what she leaves out, though, and if she embellishes certain things. This season has definitely been a step up from the last one, and it's heading toward the season finale.

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