Nancy's sister is the one being interviewed this time about their childhood. We haven't seen that much about Nancy Botwin and how she came to be the crazy woman she is today. In the first season there was an impression that she was very normal before Judah died suddenly, but the writers are unraveling the truth. Judah just kept the crazy at bay. Anyway last week the family tried to settle in a trailer park, and Nancy got them in trouble by having dirty violent sex with a married bartender. As a fan of Saved by the Bell, I will be traumatized forever seeing Zack Morris mostly naked. So now the family is on the run again.

Andy is going through a crisis this season about his love for Nancy, and it comes in full force here since she had sex with another man. Now he has to question his role in little Stevie's life, because the baby is having green excrement in his diaper and they have to go to a doctor. They talk a little about what he will be to Stevie, and Nancy won't give him a straight answer if his place for the baby - and for her really - is temporary. Which of course it is, because Nancy will just find husband number four and Andy will be unimportant again, and he points that out. Yes, Andy. That's exactly how it will happen. Run while you can! They see Nancy on the TV and almost run, but stay to get Stevie checked out.

In the appointment Nancy has a crisis when she realizes she knows absolutely nothing about her baby, and how she's doing an even worse job raising him than she did with the other two. You can see her break apart as the doctor points out the things she should be doing with Stevie and isn't, or the fact she doesn't even know how he eats or if he responds to her face or how his temperament is. Nancy, you're the worst mother in the world.  Thanks for catching up with the rest of us. Nancy agrees with Andy to move out of the country to Coppenhagen, but she wants to stop by her old neighborhood first and sell everything they have. Right, because the police won't be keeping an eye on her old homes just in case.

In the side stories, Silas teaches Shane a lesson by pretending to lose all their money. They sell hash to the parents going to a kids show, and then he takes the money so Shane thinks he lost it. Then he encourages Shane to make it up somehow and to get them gas because the family is counting on him. It's underhanded, but since Nancy's more like 'do whatever you want, sociopath son of mine,' this is probably a tad more helpful to teach Shane responsibility. Also Doug befriends the men in the children's costumes and they chat. Why is Doug on the show again? He's not really doing anything necessary. Bring back Isabelle or Dean or Celia please. Thanks. Next week Nancy goes to her old home and tries to do one last big score. I bet that'll work out with no hiccups for anyone!

It needs to be said that this season has been better than the last two years combined. For some reason the writing is sharper than ever, the acting is always good, and it's much more interesting to see them running then hanging out in decadent mobster world. So far, so good.

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