Is everyone ready to go back to the wild world of the worst mother in the world and her increasingly sociopathic children? Yay! Weeds has returned after a stunning season finale last year, and Nancy Botwin is in fine form as always. Meaning she's still a drug dealer, still married to a mobster, and drunk most of the time because she fails as a mother in every possible way. We're back watching the train wreck, people, and it's more insane than it's been in a long time, and that's saying a great deal.

Last season ended with the powerful Pilar threatening Nancy and her two elder sons if she doesn't fall into line and do what she wants. Nancy was getting a bit big for her britches and tried to take out Pilar, so she honestly was getting what was coming to her at this point. However, things took a turn for the worst when her middle son Shane shows up and kills Pilar with a croquet mallet. Bam! Right to the head. Honestly the development of Shane Botwin over the course of the show has been fascinating. Look back at the first episode, and you really won't be that surprised to find out where he ended up. Shane has always been the "strange Botwin" and though threesomes and murder is a far jump from biting a kid's foot or making terrorist videos, it's still all on the same pathway.

The premire picks up exactly where last season ended, with Nancy gaping at her son. He shows no remorse over the fact he just murdered a woman and tossed her body into the nearby pool. Nancy tries to hide the body and knocks out the nearby camera, and then she grabs her little murderer and runs. At this point all she can think about is getting Shane away from the many people who will likely retaliate, not to mention the police who will be interested in the death of a well known figure like Pilar. Nancy spends the rest of the episode drunk and steadily going insane when she realizes how badly she's screwed up. That doesn't stop her from packing the car with all of her belongings instead of anyone else's. Oh Nancy. Still so self centered.

Lupita, Shane, Silas, the little Rosemary's Baby baby, and Nancy pile into the car. Silas is freaking out because his brother has officially gone nuts, and he had been trying so hard to bring Shane back to the side of good. Sorry, Silas. Bad parenting wins out in this round. The boys talk about how Shane isn't really feeling anything about the murder yet, but he acknowledges that might change, and how they've always tried to get their mother's attention and she never gives it. So now everyone in the audience and on the show is acknowledging that Nancy is the Worst Mother Ever. There should be a trophy.

Nancy goes to find Andy and get his truck although there's at least a heavy part of her that is trying to get him as well. Their twisted bizarre romance/not romance rears its ugly head here. He's still arguing with Alanis/Audra about whether or not he really loves her, and she's being held up with the crossbow carrying Pro Lifer. Nancy comes in and takes him down, as she can do nowadays since she's gone full criminal, and then passive aggressively tries to get Andy to come with her. She even begs a little. Audra tells him to go, but when he agrees to go, she tells him it was a test and he failed. She knew he was going to go with Nancy anyway. For one, he's obsessed with her, and for two, the show would miss Uncle Andy too much! Goodbye Alanis.

So the family is off to find a place to hide, and Esteban is left with the pieces as he finds the video and tells them to keep it hidden. Pilar's body is found, so trouble is definitely on the way. Where is the happy Botwin family running to anyway? This was a strong premiere. The action was consistent, the acting was great as usual, and the dialogue was sharp and funny in all the right places. It's really hard to like the characters now since they've become such shadow versions of themselves, and yet it's even harder to look away now. Can't. Stop. Watching. The. Madness!

Weeds is on Showtime Monday nights at 10 PM EST.