Wow, now that was a season finale. 'Weeds' always does manage to come out swinging by the end. First season it was her finding out Peter was DEA, second was the mexican stand off with all the dealers, third was Agrestic burning down, fourth was 'I'm pregnant,' fifth was Shane the murderer, and now the sixth has Nancy giving in to fate. Nice. It has been rumored that season seven will likely be the end of the show, and it seems likely she might be heading toward her inevitable death. Each year Nancy's climbed closer and closer to the edge, and it's only a matter of time before someone pushes her right off. And honestly, it was kind of her own fault at this point.

So Nancy has been taken by Esteban and Guillermo, which gives her a chance to talk to her latest husband about her special brand of crazy. They put her in the car with the dead body of the reporter first, but she screams enough they let her inside. Andy tries to get Silas to leave with them, because leaving him behind does have a very dangerous loose end, and also because Andy cares even if Silas isn't his blood nephew. Lars thinks Andy and Silas might be lovers by the way they're acting, but Silas refuses to go, so it's just Andy, Shane, crazy Mr. Schiff, and the baby at the airport. Andy manages to use the natural racism of the world by hiding the family behind a suspicious looking man. He gets taken in for questioning, and the rest of them are let through.

Nancy and co. get to the airport after them, and she manages to get some privacy in the bathroom. The attendant gives her a cell phone, and she calls Andy. She finds out Silas is not there, and chooses 'Plan C.' Andy does not like this plan, but the rest of us will, because awesome. She manages to get away from Esteban and Guillermo because they're suspicious all on their own, and she acts like an innocent white woman just caught up with these two thug looking guys. She gets to the gate in time and says her goodbyes. Andy says she ruined his life, brings up Silas not being his nephew, and looks like he's about to cry. It's very emotional. Shane gets on the plane and realizes around then that his mother is not coming, but he's forced to sit down.

Nancy waits at the gate and sees Silas approach with Esteban. He's showed up after all. They say their own form of goodbye and he gets on the plane with his family. The police arrive, but they're after Schiff. He gives Shane his special 'expensive' pillow. Nancy has the baby, and the plane takes off as she walks out of the airport with her gangster husband. She asks him to speak well of her to the baby, and he agrees that he will. Except nothing's going to happen to her right now, because the second they walk out, they're surrounded by the FBI. Nancy knows this; it's plan C. She steps up and states that she killed Pilar, and to please arrest her. End season.

It seems obvious now that Nancy had to turn herself in, because there was no way for the whole family to get away with what Shane did. She might make some truly horrible decisions over and over again, but she does care about her kids. Even if she doesn't really make the right moves for them, her heart is always wanting to protect them. This was a grand gesture for that, and honestly, it might've helped her if she just left the baby behind in the first place. He might not be with his father now, considering the FBI is there, they might give him up for adoption if Nancy goes to jail. Esteban might've let her go if she left Stevie with him in the first place. Just saying. It's going to be very interesting to see where the show goes from here. Are they going to split up the family with her in prison and the rest in Europe? This was overall a very strong season compared to the two before it, and it would be great if 'Weeds' went out on a high note!

See you next season!