Season five of "Weeds" is almost over, and I did a funny thing the other day. I re-watched season one for fun, just to see how it has changed. It was a bad idea, honestly, because all it did was make it clear that this show has gone seriously downhill since they left Agrestic. The characters are practically caricatures of themselves now, Nancy is no longer a pot dealer but a mobster wife, and the family is messed up to the point of no return. It's kind of sad to remember what made you love a show in the first place, and then see how it's gotten so far away from there. Sigh.

Anyway, last week Esteban was taken by some mysterious men and Nancy was freaking out about it. Because life is always All About Nancy. She's drinking and Shane comes down to talk to her, and she tells him what happened to Esteban. He, being the voice of constant reason, points out he's glad they finally took his new step-daddy away. He asks her about Judah, which will come up a lot this week. The rest of the episode Nancy spends trying to find Esteban with Cesar's help, and actually Andy is along for the ride.

See Andy wants to marry Audra (SERIOUSLY?) but he wants Judah's ring to do it with. This is a perfectly reasonable request considering it is from his family, and Nancy is newly married and has no need for it. Since it's All About Nancy though, she refuses him. Maybe it is because she doesn't like the idea of him no longer fancying her, or admitting that he loves Audra more than Esteban will ever love her is too painful. In the waiting room they take a cheesy love quiz in a magazine, and fight about the purpose of love. Obviously, Andy wins the quiz and Nancy looks like an idiot. They have an incredibly intense fight about Nancy being the worst mother ever, and it made me smile. It's a little weird to dislike the main character of a show so much, but she's really become a little too much lately. The best part was when she said she set fire to Agrestic because she made sacrifices for her family. Andy points out her family was the sacrifice. Brilliant and painful conversation, but it is doubtful she'll learn from it.

In the end they don't find Esteban because he's back on Pilar's side now and on the ticket. They've made some kind of peace between them. Nancy sees it on the television and agrees calmly to give Andy the ring. What this means for her and her mobster remains to be seen, but it can't spell good things. And what about Guillermo's hit on Pilar? Dum dum duuuum!

In the side stories, Celia freaks out because she thinks a cop is following her, but it's actually only Dean with black face on (SERIOUSLY?). Isabelle came up with the plan to freak her mother out. Oh, and Celia has dyed her hair and is dressing like Nancy now. The writers take a jab at their main character by pointing out she looks like a slut. Nancy's just everyone's punching bag now.

Silas and Adelita bond when she invites him to hang with her friends, but he refuses to do heroin with them. Shane comes to hang and thanks his brother sincerely for staying. It's actually very touching, since someone recognizes that Silas is there for his baby brother. They decide to help Adelita since her party friends are trying to molest her, and Shane threatens them with a kitchen knife. It's freaky and awesome all at once, just like everything Shane does.

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Next week is the season finale of "Weeds," and hopefully the Botwin family will be on the move again. They need to try again, honestly, because this whole dirty drug lord storyline has really brought the show down. It's no longer sharp witted funny satire, but just downright despicable and depressing. Pick it up, writers, we know you can do it!

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Episode Grade: B-

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