So Nancy has officially become a mobster's wife on "Weeds" now, and she seems quite excited that her husband plans on going straight and becoming Governor the right way. It actually appears to be working for Esteban too, and not only are the people supporting him, but he seems blissfully happy with Nancy and his new family. He doesn't seem to know that she put out a hit on Pilar, and that she had Cesar transfer Guillermo to a Mexican prison. No one is certain if this will mean that Guillermo actually does what she asks, or if he goes after Nancy herself. She's foolish if she thinks their private war is over.

This week's episode Nancy freaks out for the 100th time that she's the worst parent ever made, as if that is a surprise to her, and Andy's not around this time to point out it is her own fault. Although Silas actually did turn out okay, despite everything, and Shane has always been a little bizarre. He makes a very weird comment about being a better jogger than his dad who fell over dead while jogging. Creepy. The reason Nancy starts questioning her Mommyhood is that Esteban's daughter Adelita is in town. And she's completely awesome.

Adelita is smart, sophisticated, elegant, and kind of like Mini-Pilar. She smiles at Silas' average attempts to hit on her, claiming her lover is a 32 year old man even though she's not even out of high school. She has no interest in getting close to Nancy, and just wants to stay in her home and read. When Esteban points out that he might have raised her better than Nancy raised her boys, she kicks him onto the couch and sulks. Then she realizes he might be right, but don't forget that he was also trafficking female sex slaves across the border as well as serious drugs, Nancy. He might be father of the year, but he's still not man of the year.

This all comes to a head when the Mexican police show up at his campaign office and arrest him for a few charges; probably all of which are true and lacking several other important ones. This show is about the gray zone where Nancy currently lives, but I've never been behind her gangster husband. The eyes of that slave girl will haunt me, even if Nancy's forgotten them. I say throw Esteban in prison and have Conrad come back! Please, show?

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In the side stories, Doug and Dean try to find a way to ruin Celia, but they're too high to come up with something good. Isabel joins the party after Celia admits she's thinking of becoming a lesbian, but she does it in the most insulting and awful way. All about Celia. Poor Isabel. Then Andy and Audra spend the episode getting to know one another physically, which is a little sad because we already knew Andy was awesome at that. Where's the growth for him? He said he wanted to step things up, so let's see it!

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