It is hard to believe that only a few episodes are left in this season of "Weeds," but a lot actually has happened. There's a new Botwin brother, and everyone feels very sorry for him to be born into this insane, dysfunctional family. Nancy didn't turn up dead although she probably should have, and then managed to make Esteban love her all over again. Now she's gone and gotten her son Shane shot in the arm, which usually would convince her to get out of the danger zone and away from her drug lord boyfriend, right? Right? Sigh.

The episode starts with Nancy freaking out that Shane is bleeding all over the car, and they won't bring him to a hospital because it will be reported. The assassin is dead and Esteban keeps getting all macho about how someone attacked HIS family. How dare they! Cesar used to be a nurse so he manages to keep Shane healthy enough for Alanis to come in and fix him. It's uncertain why she still keeps helping them do illegal things, but it's rare to find a moral compass on this show now that Shane has gone crazy.

There's a great series of shots from Shane's perspective as each person comes to speak to him separately. Alanis gives him pills, Andy takes a few of his pills and gets high, Ignacio brings him stuff to cheer him up, Cesar asks him not to tell anyone about him being a nurse, Silas is lamenting their world being completely hell, and Nancy just brings food and oozes guilt. Shane seems pretty calm about everything, and there's a moment where you almost feel bad for Nancy when she sobs that he's still her baby. But now you have a new baby, and Shane says she should watch out for him.

Nancy then takes her vengeance on Cesar who is Pilar's friend. He has been spying but now he realizes that without Nancy, Esteban won't get by. She shoots him in the shoulder. Then she convinces Esteban to run for governor anyway as an independent, even though him dropping out actually made them all safe for once. She wants to send Silas away to Europe and he's like 'and leave my brothers with you? I THINK NOT PSYCHO.' Only much more chill and laid back. Still, thank God for Silas staying, since Shane has officially gone off his nutter and talks about enjoying the pain of his wound and refusing himself the pills because of it. And then he's getting drunk in the pool with Nancy and Esteban just kind of chilling nearby.

Andy tries to get Alanis' attention again and she points out he is hung up on Nancy. It does seem that he's getting over that a little bit better, as he graciously signs over all his parental rights to Steven. He and Nancy have a bittersweet farewell as he says he's going to try and figure out his real life, but does not stay for the wedding. You know. The wedding with Nancy, Mrs. Future-Widow-Of-Three-Freaking-Men, and her drug lord boyfriend who wanted her dead and pretty much raped her earlier this season. Yay? I really have no idea how everything is going to blow up in her face this time, but this is "Weeds." It is only a matter of time.

Demian Bichir as Esteban Reyes © Photo: Sonja Flemming/Showtime

On a side note, Doug figures out that Celia stole their weed. He teams up with Dean, who she locked out, and they plan to take her down. Celia meets with Ignacio again so he can be her supplier for weed, and he's like 'meh okay' and then does some really crazy wrestling stuff in a mask. Between that and him crying at Nancy's wedding, he's the funniest character of the week. Except maybe Cesar asking Shane not to tell anyone about the nurse thing. He seemed so awkwardly dorky.

Final important note of the episode: Nancy goes to Guillermo and asks him to arrange Pilar's death. Yes. Because this is going to go so well for her.

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