Wow. Every season 'Weeds' manages to take me by surprise, and I never know where it is going by the season finale. This is rare since a lot of television can be figured out early. Next week is the season finale, so everything in this episode is preparing for that. And it looks like big changes might be coming. Let's get the least important thing out of the way: Doug goes home and his wife is re-married and he wants her back now. Why is he on this show? He serves no real purpose other than being annoying, and if they want comic relief, Andy is far more amusing than Doug will ever be. Cut the cord, 'Weeds!'

Now to the real show. First up is Andy who does a 'fake murder' tape for the gangster Daoud against his son-in-law Hooman. Andy's in league with him of course, but then Daoud wants Hooman's penis. That's just ... who is this guy? Gross. They get a dead man's penis and bring it to Daoud, but he doesn't believe it, and refuses to give him the passports. Daoud's family figured out what he tried to do and gets chewed out, and his wife offers to give Andy the passports ... for five thousand dollars. So everything he did doesn't matter anymore, and now he's been traumatized on top of it. Andy spends the rest of the episode depressed and a little scared, as if everything's crashing down on him at once. It is, Andy.

Shane hangs out more with the teacher Schiff and they look through all his mail together for money. He steals mail and they open up birthday cards, taking the money within. Schiff realizes that his beloved Nancy must flee, so he breaks into a bank and becomes a fugitive, using the money to buy the tickets. Nancy on the other hand got the money needed for the passports by having a sit down with the reporter who was tracking her. He guesses correctly that Shane was the murderer of Pilar, and he figured this out due to stories about Shane. He says if he knows this, then it will not be long before someone else gets it too. And that sooner or later she's going to be caught. They have a fight and she throws a temper tantrum, but agrees to tell her story for real. We don't get to hear it, but we've been watching it. Still, it might have been interesting to hear how she puts it.

Silas manages to be the moral compass in this show again, and also have one of the most emotional scenes of this entire season, if not for several seasons. He bonds with his could-be dad, and he gets the paternity results back. I did not expect Lars to be his real father. This entire time it seemed obvious Judah would turn out to be, thus confirming where Silas belonged, even if Lars did look just like him. But no, and now Silas has his last reason to just walk away. He curls up in bed with his sad mother and says goodbye to her, giving her the test results. It doesn't seem like Nancy knew, or maybe she just never thought he would know. Wow. Silas is not Judah's kid. Is Hunter Parrish leaving the show?

The passports and tickets are bought, and Silas is with his real father. Nancy has to stop by the reporter's room one more time, but she should really, really know better by now. Where's your sixth sense, girl? Guillermo is there, and Esteban. She's caught. The baby is probably with Shane, Andy, and Schiff, so are they going to kill Nancy first or try to get a hold of Esteban's son? This is going to be one intense season finale.

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