It's a little reassuring that when crazy stuff really starts to go down, the first thing Nancy tries to do is save her sons. Of course neither of them would be in this situation if it wasn't for her, so that takes down the sweet motherly urges, but the intention is nice at least. All sorts of bad things converge at once on Nancy, and a lot quicker than anticipated! She's surrounded again, and how is she going to use her pretty brown eyes to get out of this one?

Last week ended with the police confronting Andy and Nancy coming out of the pot dealer's house. They actually have caught the van and booted it, and that means sooner or later it is going into the system and the law is coming down on them. They manage to lie their way out of that one, but this means everyone has to move again, and fast. Andy and Silas are not happy about this at all, because they like their new lives. Andy and Nancy have a frank discussion about his obsession with her and the fact that she intentionally encourages it, which is very well done by both actors. He might want a normal life, but he wants her more, and she refuses to 'release him' from his obsession by saying it will never happen. Why? Because then he'll leave them. Oh Nancy. She has been left by many men at this point, although several of them were just dead, so that was hardly their fault.

Andy's about to get some from a crazy WASP mother, since those mothers all brought in the CPS on Nancy and Shane, but Nancy tries to release him and he just gets more annoyed. But he doesn't sleep with her. It's hard to say if they will ever go down this road with Andy and Nancy. It's possible since he's the only guy around, but will that kill a lot of what makes their relationship great? Anyway, Silas is enjoying college and his new girlfriend and feeling like he has a future. Everything has to be destroyed that he loves, though, so he steals his new girlfriend's car and while he begs his mother to let him go, she won't. And he gives in. Aw, Silas. Sorry honey. Maybe this is karma coming back to you because of that time you tried to ruin your girlfriend's chance at college by intentionally knocking her up. Just saying.

Shane is generally psychotic as usual and is annoyed the women called CPS on him. Then he's kidnapped by Ignacio and Cesar who have finally found Nancy. They let Doug live because they think God wants them to, and now they have a bargaining chip against Nancy. They want the baby, right? Is that what they want? Esteban's kid. That's a good way of getting rid of needing a baby on the show. Here, take the baby that I've only sort of bonded with in exchange for my sociopath of a son. CPS is at the door and Nancy's panicking about Shane, and the other maid from the hotel was stealing her money so she ripped out her earring and is also there. Basically every bad thing is in her motel room, and Nancy has to figure out a way out of all of that to get Shane back. Good luck, honey. Great episode overall, and it properly built a lot of anticipation for the next episode!

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