On Weeds, the Botwin family became the Newman family and now they are determined to start over with a normal life. Nancy drags Andy and Silas over a picket line to get jobs at a hotel. They are given low level jobs because obviously none of them are actually qualified for more, and they can't list their vast drug experience. Meanwhile Shane continues to show he's probably never going to get any better, and Doug returns to the show. Meh. Where's Conrad? Anyone else wish Conrad and Heylia would come back? I know, wishful thinking.

Apparently working at a hotel involves a lot of horrible, creepy things. Nancy is a maid and is ignored mostly, and then she sees a guy tied up to the bed and peed on. She tells him to change his own sheets and helps him out of the cuffs. Then he doesn't clean it up, but he leaves her a good tip to do it. She freaks out and flirts with a stranger, pretending to be someone she wishes she was, and then leaves when he finds out the truth. Then she gets obsessed with dealing drugs again because it's all she knows. They're in the hash business now.

Silas is a bellboy and seems the most willing to just accept their new life. He's skeptical Nancy will stay to it. He points out if she just took a real job in the first place, they wouldn't have had the most awful past two years. She talks about how they'd have to be poor and stuff, and he's like 'poor is probably better than murderer.' Then Shane says he'd likely kill someone anyway. Creepy. Silas is paid to read to an old creep in his underwear with the bellhop hat on. He doesn't have to do anything other than that at least, but it's still bizarre. And it's always nice to see him with his shirt off, let's face it.

Andy is a dishwasher and hates it because he's a chef and the head chef hates him and refuses to listen to him. Um, Andy, you wouldn't be able to walk in anywhere as a dishwasher and act like you deserve to be the chef. Lame. Nancy eventually gives her shoes away to a woman who gives her the name of a pot dealer, and they seem like a rather happy household somehow. See Nancy. Everyone's healthier than you. She gets their trimmings and uses it for hash. Meanwhile Shane takes care of the baby and steals him a better stroller because why not, thievery is nothing compared to murder.

And Doug comes back to the house to find everyone gone and Cesar and Igancio there thinking he can lead them to Nancy. Sucks to be you, Doug. This season continues to be a bit more interesting than the last few. Having them be on the run and dealing with how much Nancy sucks is better than her copulating with Esteban even after he built the Rosemary's Baby chamber.

Weeds is on Showtime Monday nights at 10 PM EST.