There was a pretty intense cliffhanger in the last episode of Weeds, and unfortunately several of the problems wrap up very fast. The CPS looking for Stevie are shooed off when Silas comes in and starts being offensive in sign language, and Nancy puts her fellow maid in a head lock until she just runs off. This probably needs to happen quickly because the real thing to worry about is Shane being taken. Cesar says he will trade Shane for Stevie, and for Nancy to start driving and they'll meet up somewhere. She packs the family into the car and comes up with a plan. Silas brings up a point that they could just hand Stevie over. This isn't a terrible idea, all things considered, since Esteban is his father and will probably spoil the kid rotten. Then again he'll grow up a mobster's kid, but is that any worse then what Nancy's raising him as now? On the other hand, the kid is only a few months old and really shouldn't be away from his mother, so oh well. Nancy will never let her sons go.

Shane is bonding again with Ignacio, and they're having fun realizing they're both psychopaths now and life is good for them. Doug hasn't eaten in days and looks like he's about to collapse. Nancy meets up with Cesar in what looks like a broken down arcade, and she shoots him with a crossbow arrow right in the thigh. She tries to call Esteban a few times and he hangs up every time. Yeah, Nance, I don't think you're going to win with that one. You did run off with his son and you already knew he wasn't a great guy. She thinks calling Cesar's wife will help, but instead the wife is like 'kill her and come back.' Because duh, Nancy. She freaks out a lot, but manages to track Ignacio down for a very simple reason.

He's at the same restaurant place as Silas and Andy. They figure it out after trying to talk about how they could totally help Nancy, and then fail miserably. Ignacio has them all in a booth, so Nancy apparently calls an ambulance and goes for them. There's an interesting scene where Doug gets up to go to the bathroom and then you see him outside the window, considering whether to run or not. It's not apparent why he decides to stay; maybe he has no where else to go? Shane and Ignacio are trying to gross each other out, and then Nancy plops down looking pretty insane. She's doing crazy eyes a lot these days, and it really works for her.

She holds a gun to Ignacio under the counter and says she'll shoot, and she's taking everyone and leaving. He basically laughs at her. That is, until Shane takes the gun, and Ignacio realizes this little protege of his will completely shoot him to pieces in public. They bond over that, and he willingly leaves with a cheerful wave at everyone, after giving Shane advice about following his dreams. Is it disturbing to anyone else that Shane has the healthiest adult male relationship with a murderer? Hmmm. So Silas breaks up with the girl finally and admits her car is gone, and then Nancy says Doug can come with them for some reason. She drives off with the whole family, and calls Esteban one more time to break up officially. She promises to speak well of him to his son, but it's doubtful that is anywhere near the end of it. Especially since it's early in the season and the FBI (or someone) are talking to Cesar next week about Nancy. Sorry, Pants.

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