Since the mid 80s, there have been several one-off supergroups brought together to raise money for a great cause. While we applaud the efforts of the celebrities involved, we can't help but poke fun at them for being, well, celebrities. Join us as we break down the great celebrity supergroup singles.

USA for Africa - We Are the World

- Disassociated Star: Michael Jackson

- Star Who Doesn't Fit In: Dan Aykroyd

- Star With Barely Any Face Time: John Oates

The momma of them all, predating everything but Band Aid. Still, USA for Africa created all of the themes you see in charity music videos: a chorus, a sound studio featuring soloists, and footage of stars arriving to the studio and giving one another hugs. MJ gets the DS designation because he's primarily featured by himself singing on another stage, even though he helped bring this all together. How Dan Aykroyd got involved I have no idea. Oates' hair is seen briefly, which is a disappointment. The song sold more than 20 million copies for the relief of famine and disease in Africa.