While it wasn't perfect, IBM's Watson computer was able to handily beat two of Jeopardy's greatest champions in a three-day competition. Watson had a total score of $77,147, topping Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter - who had $24,000 and $21,600, respectively.

Watson was dominant in song lyrics and book topics, but had trouble in geography and wording some answers properly. The web was abuzz when Watson questioned "What is leg?" to an answer about George Eyser's anatomical abnormality. Ken Jennings correctly questioned "What is he is missing a leg?" seconds later.

Last night, Watson seemed to forget the topic at hand when he questioned "What is Toronto?" to an answer about U.S. cities.

Still, Watson beat the combined scores of his opponents, even though they were purposefully buzzing in before they knew the answer - just so they could figure it out in their heads. 

IBM is donating Watson's $1 million winnings to charity, and Jennings and Rutter are donating half of their winnings to charities.