In the first sneak peek, Merlin struggles with his magic and finds himself being attacked by a mysterious skeltal ghost though luckily, one of Arthurs men was able to ward it off by waving fire  before him. Quickly, Arthur and his men come running behind and urges everyone to retreat to a safer place. Next, we see the mayhem back at the castle and we witness the ghost taking the life of a guard leaving Gwynervere fearful and terrified.

Tune-in to the season premiere of "Merlin" on Friday, Jan. 6, to find out of Merlin can regain his powers to destroy the evil demon.


The entire team of "Ghost Hunters" are featured in a very special 9 minute promo to bring you clips from the upcoming season and provide an up-close look into their favorite investigations and the evidence that they've accumulated over the years. Don't worry - it will scare you! The much anticipated return of "Ghost Hunters" premieres Wednesday, Jan. 18, on Syfy.