During a backstage interview following the Academy Awards on Sunday night, "Best Actress" winner Jennifer Lawrence was left speechless after a flirty exchange with Jack Nicholson.

The actress, 22, was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos for a segment for "Good Morning America" when Nicholson, 75, interrupted her from behind, saying: "You did such a beautiful job (in the movie). I don't mean to crash your interview..."

Lawrence then joked, "Yeah, you're being really rude!"
Nicholson then commented how she bore a striking resemblance to an old flame of his, prompting her to respond, "Oh really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?"

Lawrence, who is currently single, laughed as the actor quipped: "I thought about it!" but Lawrence was soon regretting her risque behaviour as she gasped, "Oh my God" and buried her head in her hands as Nicholson walked away.

Check it out in the video below: