Beyonce has swapped in blonde locks and has lifted her top in support of her and her mother's clothing line. She stars in a hot video for Dereon, wearing the biker-inspired collection's high stiletto lace-up buckle boots while sporting blonde hair and tattoos. 

"1960s pin-up girl meets futuristic biker chick," Beyonce described the line. Photos were captured of her without wearing a top, showing off some tattoos and a pair of studded black pants.

Beyonce also modeled a separate collection inspired by 30s and 40s screen sirens, switching her hair up again and going for a redhead look. "These two campaigns feature Beyonce, but that is where the similarity ends," Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles told People. "They are so different in mood and creative direction reflecting the distinction between the two brands." 


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