With the exception of certain historical figures and ninjas, most people just can't walk on water. It's actually not physically possible. There's just not enough surface tension to hold the weight of anything much larger than a bug.

But, any modern fifth grader who's taken a science class knows how to make a liquid that you CAN walk across and you probably made it when you were little, out of corn starch and water. It's called oobleck - and it's a very unique type of substance known as 'Non-Newtonian Fluid.' Non Newtonian Fluids are types of material that act differently when force is applied. In the case of oobleck, it actually behaves more like a solid with the application of force.

In Malaysia, they filled a small pool with the stuff, and demonstrated just how solid a liquid could be. Without the application of force, the fluid pool rippled and waved like a swimming pool. But as soon as someone jumped or walked across it and applied force, the surface quickly became solid. 

But be careful, because once the force dissipates, the oobleck particles begin to move away, and you end up sinking like a rock in quicksand! Luckily, this experiment was well supervised, and no one sunk to an ooblecky death. Take a look at the video below to see just how much fun a pool filled with cornstarch and water can be.

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