From "Vancouver International Film Festival" via Michael Coleman comes a look at what he feels is a must see doc experience titled "Salmon Confidential."


"Salmon Confidential" - Bottom line - you will never eat farmed fish for the rest of your life after viewing this.  A must see, especially for British Columbians known for world-renowned Sockeye, "Salmon Confidential" is a corker of a doc.  It’s staggering and eye-opening to see how the business of B.C.’s natural resources and food has been tainted by government and how puppet scientists have given up their objectivity simply cow towing to governmental party lines.  This is the GMO monster in a different form and here the monster kills by passing on poisons and infection that are a recipe for extinction of a foundational salmon species.  An important film right on par with "The Cove" impact wise, "Salmon Confidential" is an important don't miss it experience for all who care to listen. – 5/5 stars

(The film so needs to be seen that the creators are even willing to have folks watch it for free online - all you have to do is click on to check it out)