Did Ryan Gosling really break up a fight on a New York City street, as we reported last night? He sure did, although a few websites are claiming the scene was faked. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Gosling is easily identified by his tattoos later in the video. This is either an actual fight - over a painting - or one of the most subliminal viral videos ever made. If this video was faked, Ryan Gosling would be immediately indentified (not "the guy from the movie") and we would get one perfect shot of his face at some point.

That's if the ad agency wasn't ingenious. That's if they didn't figure out that websites would indentify Gosling and spread the story like wildfire while mentioning all the movies he's in or going to be starring in soon (Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ides of March, Drive). 

In fact, I'd like it more if it was faked... because it would prove that ad companies are getting smarter. Unfortunately(?), I think this video is real.