Crossovers always seem like a good idea on paper. However, it never seems right to see George Jetson and Fred Flintstone on screen at the same time. While Dynasty Warriors: Gundam seems like a cool idea – hundreds of giant robots fight in large battlegrounds – it falls to the wayside of so many Dynasty Warriors titles, thanks to the brevity of storyline hooks and yawn-inducing game play.

The Gundam iteration plays like every other Dynasty Warriors game. While Dynasty Warriors 2 was a fantastic showcase of what the brand-new PlayStation 2 could do, every sequel and spin-off (Xtreme Legends, Empires, Hyper, Etc.) has dulled like a blade against so many enemies. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam feels and plays like a palette swap of Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, the only other DW title on next-generation systems. You rush forward, become a one-man army, and slice your way to the boss to kill him and end the level.

The story will seem familiar to fans of any Gundam series, with pivotal moments played out during large battles. Still, these moments falter due to odd translation choices and overall "cheesy-ness." Female leads will wail, get confused, and be brainwashed like those in many other below-average sci-fi flicks.

Players can build up their handful of pilots by playing through the story or any unlocked levels, all the while getting items and skills to make the characters even more unstoppable than before. However, without any show-stopping multiplayer modes, there really is no reason to max out anyone unless it is out of sheer boredom.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam will please beat 'em-up fans for a few hours, but after that first burst of entertainment, only hardcore Gundam or Dynasty Warriors fans need apply. Crossovers are usually made to please the audience of both titles. And while DW: Gundam achieves that, it leaves every other gamer out in the cold.

Score: 2 out of 5

Casey "Squints" Johnson
Content Editor,