Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been fuming over comments Bill Maher made back in February, and she just had her first chance to take him to task in person.

Maher made a joke on his HBO show about a CBS reporter who was sexually assaulted while covering the riots in Egypt. "New rule: now that [Egyptian president] Hosni Mubarak has released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck." 

When the clip was first aired on the view, Elisabeth snapped, "I try to only debate real men over the airways but will depart to address Billy Maher."

Once he was sitting next to her, Hasselbeck said: "Forgive this idiotic Republican for bringing this to your brilliant mind, but in February of last year, Lara Logan was in Egypt and she was brutally attacked there.

"You can't sit here right now and tell me I'm wrong for saying, 'That wasn't that funny.'"

Maher responded, "We do a comedy show for an audience that's perhaps different than your audience. You are a public figure. It was not aimed at you personally, but when you are a public figure, you are out there and your fodder for comedians to make comments on."

Watch the confrontation continue below: