Vanessa Hudgens Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson were spotted earlier this week robbing a restaurant in Miami, Florida and making their getaway an a brown El Camino. If anyone spots the stars, please contact the local police to let them know of their whereabouts.

The three, along with Rachel Korine, were spotted later in bikinis at a pool party and then drinking on the streets of St. Petersburg.

Actually we're just kidding - the four stars have been in sunny Florida for the last week or so filming scenes for their upcoming 2013 movie Spring Breakers, about a group of girls who have no money and want to join in the fun, festivities and debauchery of Spring Break but don't have the money to get there.

The girls decide to knock over a restaurant for some cash to finance their trip; but it all goes downhill from there as they're arrested and then bailed out of jail by a drug and gun dealer who wants them to work for him in return for his "generousity".

The girls were spotted earlier this week wearing bikinis and riding Vespas through the streets of St. Pete. (See pics here!)