All around us are stories of the paranormal and fairytale worlds. Recent big-screen films have focused on hidden doorways to far off places (Chronicles of Narnia), talented wizards (Harry Potter) and even a crafty kid with an animal spirit sidekick (The Golden Compass). We've been inundated with ghosts, goblins and, yes, vampires.

The recent cancellation of "Moonlight" caused outrage in fanboys and fangirls everywhere. Thousands of viewers signed petitions urging CBS to change its mind. Rumors circulated that another network may pick up the show for a second season, but that didn't happen. "Moonlight" bit the dust for good.

But as one series ends, another rises in its place. Alan Ball's upcoming series "True Blood" will air next season on HBO. Based on Charlaine Harris' "Southern Vampire" novels, "True Blood" is set in a small town in Louisiana. It's a humorous and horrific look at vampires and humans who are somehow able to coexist. The protagonist is a human named Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) who winds up falling for a vampire named Bill (Stephen Moyer).

"Moonlight" stars Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) and Beth Turner (Sophia Myles)

So what's the cause of our vampire obsession? Take a bite out of this!

A Reality Beyond Our World

People are drawn to vampires simply because they aren't human. Vampires present a world that is so unlike our own sense of reality. In our confines we deal with the every day monotony of work, school and family. However, in author Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series, Forks, Washington has become a place where readers long to escape to. After reading the first book, many may clutch it to their heart wishing they could be a part of the storyline. Some have even been known to walk around chanting "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob," only wishing these characters could come to life. Others will eventually travel to Forks, stand still with the wind blowing in their hair and close their eyes, envisioning the location as belonging to Bella and Edward, when in reality it's all just a figment of one writer's imagination. "Twilight" is heading to the big screen this December.

Sex Appeal

Maybe we are attracted to vampires based purely on their exotic appearance. Many are described as having pale, milky white skin with dark eyes the color of an onyx stone. Some may have dark hair or red hair, blonde hair or no hair. A few will sport human clothes and participate in human activities, while others don cloaks and sharp fangs. Fans watched "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" not only for the drama but because the actors were nothing short of gorgeous. It's the irony that such a monster who may be coldhearted or evil on the inside (not all though!) can be so beautiful and appealing on the outside.

Angel (David Boreanaz)

Conflict of Struggle: Who Will Win?

Who doesn't like to witness a conflict complete with twists and turns? Isn't drama and conflict the sole reason we go to see action movies, play videogames and engulf ourselves in imaginary worlds? We believe our main characters will fight to their deaths, but ultimately believe they will survive. But what if they don't? What will happen next? Is it really true that a main character cannot be killed off? In an episode of "Charmed," one of the main witches was killed, and it still managed to be a hit show. When it comes to our favorite fantasy worlds, we are looking for drama, excitement and passion. Despite an obvious outcome, there will always contain that hint of doubt. The 'what-if' element is what makes our outside dreams come to life.

Sexy vampires Lestat (Tom Cruise) and Brad Pitt (Louis) in "Interview With The Vampire"


Of course there's always the idea that believing in these characters is just plain fun. It doesn't cost money, risk our lives or even feel like work. By simply turning on the TV or cracking open a book, we lose ourselves in a world unlike our own void of our common problems and enter one so inviting. In essence, it's our escape from a lifestyle common to many but yet so unique we ache for it to be ours. Fans around the world have most likely longed for Buffy's fighting skills, dreamed of having a boyfriend like Edward Cullen or a friendship like Angel's.

Hot, butt-kicking vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) in "Underworld: Evolution"

Story by Kathryn Sparks

Starpulse contributing writer