ABC's "V" is finally here, one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season, and it is coming out strong. The show is a remake of a sci-fi miniseries that lost a great deal of its popularity once it turned into a regular TV show. It looks like ABC hopes to reboot and renew the fanbase, so everyone who loves Nazi-like reptile aliens with a secret plan to take over the Earth ... be prepared. The Visitors are here.

It is a quiet normal day on Earth. FBI Agent Erica (aka Juliet from "Lost") wakes up to feel the world shaking a little, and she goes to check on her teenage son Tyler. He's no where to be found, because he's in the hospital for being a typical stupid teenage boy with his friend. Meanwhile Father Jack (omg Joel Gretsch from "The 4400") copes with his small and struggling church, and reporter Chad Decker (hello Scott Wolf) sulks because they want him to just read the news and he wants to be an interviewer. Ryan Nichols plans to propose to his girlfriend, but that is about to get really messed up considering the entire world starts shaking badly. Planes go down, chaos erupts, and this is almost like watching "Flash Forward" only they totally know who is to blame. The giant freaking space ships hovering in the air. Ahhhhhh run!

The spaceship turns into a pretty awesome TV screen and the beautiful face of Morena Baccarin covers it. She says her name is Anna, but she'll always be Inara to me. She calmly and sweetly says that they didn't know we even existed, and they needed help and minerals. She wants everyone to be friends and hold hands and sing songs, and in exchange they'll give all this great technology and cures for serious diseases. Some people are like 'yaaaay!' and some people are like 'nothing this good comes for free, they must be evil!' I bet you can figure out which way of thinking turns out to be right.

Erica and her BFF/partner Dale (Alan Tudyk, omg, two "Firefly" alum in this show) start to investigate terrorists buying up C4 in the city. Every time they arrive at the locations, however, the terrorists have picked up and left successfully. Erica finds information from one of the suspects that there is a 'secret meeting' going on, and she plans to infiltrate it. At the same time, Father Jack is convinced there is something not-nice going on with the Visitors. The Church has made it an official Godsend, but he's not buying. When one of his friends shows up dying and tells him to go to the same secret meeting, he does so. Meanwhile, the ringleader keeps trying to get his old friend Ryan to join them, but Ryan insists that he is a changed man and doesn't want to get involved.

The V's are beautiful, patient, loving, and the devotion to them grows every day from the humans who were hoping for a quick save. Erica's son Tyler is enamored with the V's and visits the ship where a whole beautiful world is built, even flirting with one of the girls there Lisa. Anna agrees to do a special interview with Chad Decker because he seems warm and friendly toward the V's, but she insists that he only say nice things about her people. He chooses fame over journalistic integrity and soft balls her questions.

The ringleader of the resistance, because that's what the secret meeting is all about, swears that the V's have been secretly infiltrating the Earth for a long time. They have sleeper agents posing as humans everywhere, and they caused all the worst calamities in the world so people would love them when they came to 'save' Earth. Erica is skeptical until he shows her pictures of secret agents, and then ... the sleepers attack the meeting! Ahhhhh! Everyone is brutally getting attacked and/or killed, and when Erica tries to help out, her own partner Dale turns out to be one of them. Oh Alan Tudyk, how could you! Erica successfully beats him off and then sees that he is a reptile under the skin. She runs away with Father Jack and they talk about building a real resistance to the V's.

In a surprising - and fascinating - plot point, Ryan turns out to be a sleeper agent himself. Only he turned traitor and decided to live as a human. He shows his friend and agrees to help, saying there are other V traitors like him who can help. This is a very interesting possibility, and there will probably be a lot of 'who is a sleeper agent' twists in the future of this show. Of the "Battlestar Galactica" cylon sleepers variety.

Overall this was a strong pilot, although it did feel they pushed very fast through the show. It might have been nice to give us a few episodes where the V's were suspicious but not outright evil, but since ABC plans to only air the first five episodes of "V" and then keep the rest for after the Olympics, they had to capture our interest right away. Consider our curiosity caught, "V." Keep it up.

"V" is on ABC Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST.

Story by Chelsea Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer

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