V's back after an incredibly long hiatus, which means they are required to cram as much information into the 'previously' section as they can. Granted ABC only showed four episodes of the show before taking a four month break, but that's still a great deal of plot to cover. Basically, the Visitors arrive on Earth in the form of gorgeous, peace-loving humanoids. They cure illnesses and solve wars, they say they want to help protect humanity, and of course this means they are evil, evil, evil. We were introduced to FBI Agent Erica Evans, played by the marvelous Elizabeth Mitchell, as she tries to uncover the Visitors conspiracy. Her partner Dale tries to kill her, she finds allies in the human Resistance, and together they blow up one of the V's super secret labs.

The resistance includes Father Jack Hotness (actually Landry, but Joel Gretsch is a fox), turncoat V Ryan (Morris Chestnut), and leader George (David Richmond-Peck). Erica's son Tyler (Logan Huffman) is stupid and wants to believe in the chocolate and lollipops world of the V's, plus he's totally hot for one of them. The leader of the V's, Anna (Morena Baccarin) puts forward a peaceful exterior but you know those pretty eyes hide a desire to eat your head off. This becomes important later. Another semi-valuable character is Chad Decker (Scott Wolf), a reporter who is in it for the ratings and the V's really like him to sell them. He tends to do it, although he likes to fight with them along the way. Chad was told by the V's he has an aneurism that will happen and kill him if he doesn't help them. Also, Ryan's girlfriend is pregnant with the very first possible human-V hybrid. Uh oh.

So, you all caught up? Great, here we go. Father Hotness was stabbed at the end of the last episode and he's rushed to the V medical hospital. I can't wait for when it is revealed his priest superior is a V in disguise. You know it's coming. They fix him up but they also inject him with their special drug R6, which freaks him rightly out. George is out looking for him, while Erica frantically runs around because her son Tyler ran off to the visitor ship. She almost dies by the V who attacked the good Father, but she manages to stab him dead, and then goes looking for Tyler. He deserves whatever's coming to him, Erica, but we understand you're kind of obligated to protect him. She demands to see him, and while he's getting all these funky tests, a hologram of him tells her to let him go and he'll be back later.

The FBI are investigating the explosion of the R6 shipping facility that Erica and co. blew up, and she's nervous when the V's ship up and say they know who did it. They are pinning the blame on someone named Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure), and immediately Erica assumes this terrorist will be perfect for their resistance team. So she and Ryan find him and the team convinces him to join and help them out. He's only in it for the money, but then Ryan creepily shows his 'real' eyes. Kyle's horrified and/or fascinated by seeing a true part of the V's, their lizard selves, and he reluctantly agrees to help them. Win for Team Humanity.

Chad Decker sulks around for the episode, upset about his potential death but not wanting to trust the V's, but in the end he prefers his life over his morals. Anna's smugness goes to a whole new level. Meanwhile she's annoyed that the resistance is growing but agrees to make the V's an army. If anyone doubted how this was going to happen, they obviously haven't gotten the metaphor here for the Queen Bee and hive mentality the V's display. She picks a soldier that looks like the best genetic option and mates with him. Once that's over she goes full out praying mantis and eats him, but to be fair, it's to nourish the army. Priorities, priorities.

Meanwhile Ryan's girlfriend is eating like crazy even at only six weeks and is understandably freaked out when she desires to eat a dead mouse. Ew. Trusted doctor Leah tells Ryan no one can know about her pregnancy, and also that the R6 they inject into people seems to be a GPS signal of some kind. So they can follow them anywhere. Creepy. Poor Father Hotness. He gets back to his people and has a scene full of ripe sexual tension with Erica. Anyone else counting down to when they have forbidden sex? Tyler comes home and promises his mom she won't lose him, and he's almost sweet, but Erica can't speak truth to him since he has his volunteer vest. The one with the cameras. She has to just go 'okay son, go be stupid with the mass murdering reptiles' so no one will be the wiser if they're watching his camera vest. Harsh.

It's good that they didn't spend any time at all explaining what was going on ... or it's bad, because no new viewers are going to feel comfortable thrown immediately into the story like that. Still it was a fast paced episode and it was good to see everyone again!

V is on ABC Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST.