So now the big secret about Valerie's pregnancy is out, and the V's are not happy. Anna looks scarier than usual when she calls the leaders of all the other ships and tells them the baby must be found. Apparently she thinks if humans know about the breeding, they can start specifically breeding hybrids to match the V's off. Does that mean hybrids could even be dangerous enough? And it's just a baby, unless it grows really fast. Is this the lizard version of the Twilight baby? It seems so because Anna's little soldier babies might be ready to hunt down some human meat. Run, Valerie, run!

Obviously she's pretty freaked out after she saw her boyfriend kill a Visitor, but when he tells her he is one, well, that just makes everything so much scarier. She's panicking but she realizes the sanity in letting Ryan lead her somewhere, at least long enough to keep her and the baby alive. He tells the others he can't help them anymore and he has to run with his family. Erica tells him to be careful, and he goes off to some Fifth Column friends that can help hide her. The tracker in her blood will only work so long; if they keep her safe from the V's for a day then she'll be able to hide successfully.

The only three people left trying to save the world are dealing with the prisoner they took. He was sent by the V's to kill all the terrorists in the Fifth Column. Kyle plans to torture him, but Father Hotness is really not too happy with that, since he's still pretending he can be a revolutionary and a priest successfully. Erica investigates and finds out that the guy's daughter was in a wheelchair before the V's, and they healed her. He will do anything for them because of what they did for his family. Erica's sympathetic, but she's still going to let Kyle torture him because they need information from him about the rest of the Fifth Column. They definitely need to help Ryan, because the soldier is out looking to kill him, and this guy is serious business.

The soldier attacks the house and kills Ryan's friends they were hiding with, but Valerie and the Visitor Doctor who is friends with Ryan survive. He tries to fight off the soldier, but Father Hotness and Erica manage to get there in time to shoot the baddie off and they all run. He just gets up from the bullets and keeps going after them, so Kyle sticks an axe in his chest. Guess what? That doesn't work. They're dealing with a Terminator here. They all manage to bundle into the car and get away safely. Creepy. Ryan plans to leave with Valerie, but she tells him she doesn't want him near her and she can hide now without him. His doctor friend is going to go with her. So Ryan's dumped and abandoned; Valerie has a right to do that, sort of, but it's not the smartest thing. Like it or not, her boyfriend is a Visitor and can protect her from them.

Meanwhile in other storylines that aren't as exciting, Chad is finally healed and he wakes up to see Anna there. He seems to bond with her because of her fake kindness toward him, and he agrees to help her find the Fifth Column. Is he falling for her, or is this just a plot of his? It's hard to tell. He's being played very ambiguously at the moment. He goes to see Father Hotness, maybe following up to see if he's part of the Fifth Column. Uh oh! Also Tyler wants to go live in the space ship with his hot girlfriend, but Lisa's all freaked out because her mom is probably going to eat him. So she goes to talk to Erica about it, and tries to convince him not to go through with it. He assumes his mother said something and freaks out. Why does Lisa love him again? I can't figure it out.

Next week: the team finally kills some V's and feel awful about it, and Anna might know her daughter is going human.

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