V is almost finished with its first season run. The finale runs next Tuesday, and that will also be around the time that ABC announces what shows it plans to drop or renew. Right now V could go either way, but personally I would suggest they give the show another season. ABC will likely drop their other sci-fi Flashforward, which turned out to be more of a disappointment than expected, and it would be a shame to lose both of these shows without giving one of them a chance. V has picked up the pace in the past few weeks and it definitely has potential. With the plight of humanity looking more and more dire, it'd be a shame to end this show so early without seeing where it could go from here. Just saying.

So last week Anna decided to break the legs of her daughter Lisa, but it's all just one more part of her diabolical plan. You have to admire Anna's commitment, and her unwavering brilliant evil week after week. Lisa is found beaten and broken, and the Visitor's are in an uproar when it is blamed on the Fifth Column. Specificially it is pinned on Kyle and an unknown scientist named Parker. Erica didn't know Lisa was a V before now, and she gets a double scare when she finds out Lisa is Anna's daughter as well. That doesn't stop her from being sweet and sympathetic to Lisa, which eases the young reptile's increasingly human heart. 

Anna declares that due to the vicious attack on her daughter she plans to pack up and get out of there. Obviously the rabble is terrified and wants the alien saviors to stay. This is all part of her plan to make them desperate to keep her there, of course, and she ignores Chad Decker on purpose so he'll freak out and make a passionate plea live on air. It works, but he's not exactly dumb. He calls Anna on her manipulation, and while she doesn't deny it, she asks him for the name of his contact in the Fifth Column. We know it's Father Hotness, so everyone gasps! No one sees if Chad gives it to her or not. Run, Father Hotness, run!

Speaking of the dear Father, he is annoyed that all their worshipers come in to pray for the Visitors, and his potentially evil superior tells him to open his heart. He speaks with Ryan who has become more withdrawn and cold toward everyone, and Ryan confesses he's not certain if he can avoid Anna's bliss without Val there to focus on. Father Hotness tells him to have faith, and it seems to work when Anna does her bliss craziness later on in the episode. For now. The team manage to find Parker before the V's thanks to Kyle, and Kyle goes in first to steal all of his harddrive. The scientist reveals he was working on a virus that is deadly to reptiles, thus why the Visitors want to get their hands on him. Unfortunately the FBI break in and Erica is forced to pretend she just got there first. You know this has happened like three times with her, won't people get suspicious after awhile?

Erica tries to turn Lisa to the dark side, but it doesn't work. The Visitors are staying because now the government has sworn to get the Fifth Column, and they also give them Parker to interrogate first. Eeeeeep. You best hope he doesn't talk about you, Erica. Anna tells Lisa her evil soldier eggs are about to hatch, and she anxiously talks to Joshua about it. Looks like Lisa's on board now due to the love of Tyler. Kyle seems to be ready to betray the team because he wants the Visitors to back off him and to get a load of money in exchange for the virus. Yeah. You're brilliant. When the Visitors take over you're really going to be sorry for that one, you moron.

In the finale, Val starts to give birth to her hybrid baby, Anna's soldier eggs start to hatch, and the fleet is close to getting into Earth's orbit. Basically: we're all screwed. I predict now the ending of the season will be the Visitors actually taking over, and the next season might take place guerilla warfare/rebellion style. But that's assuming there is even a second season!

V is on ABC Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST.