It still makes absolutely no sense that ABC is holding back the rest of "V" until next year, but that's what we have to deal with. This week's was the last until March, and it'll be shocking if the full audience manages to carry over four months later. Is ABC playing a FOX game now and making sure sci-fi shows will be canceled? It's just bizarre. Well in any case this episode left it on a somewhat cliffhanger so those already invested in "V" will be back, but was it enough?

Erica is suspicious of Ryan right off the bat when they have a secret meeting about the V's, and Georgie protects him. It won't last too long because Erica has a sixth sense about evil, and even if Ryan is on the side of the angels right now she senses something is up. Georgie wants to capture a V and skin them, which upsets Ryan a great deal and we'll learn why later on. They each go their separate ways to wait for the plot to come to them. Erica looks in the FBI database for Ryan's info and ignores Tyler, who has finally come to try and open up to his mom about the V's and Lisa. Naturally she's too distracted by work and the coming doom of alien destruction, so he sulks and runs off.

On the V ship, Dale's death is being investigated by the traitor V who actually killed him. Sadly this will only end in pain and misery, and Anna promises the whole medical team that if someone doesn't come forward she'll just have to pick someone to kill. It has to be said that Morena Baccarin is just killing this role; she's the stand out with her terrifyingly calm and unblinking Queen of V's. The traitor V, Joshua, is forced to skin one of his fellow traitors because the young fool sacrifices himself to protect Joshua. Harsh. So that's why Ryan was all touchy about skinning; it's apparently a punishment for them.

Anna tells the world that they're giving out a vitamin pill that will make humans healthier and happier, and Ryan believes this is the next stop of their evil plan. He knows a scientist V and suggests they capture the man to figure out what the vitamin has in it. Georgie gets too pushy so he is shot, and the scientist swallows a suicide pill before Ryan can get any answers from him. Erica figures out that Ryan is a V himself, and they have a very tense back and forth before she decides to trust him ... for now. This is about the right time for Erica to sit him down and get every single answer - why are the V's there? What was the point of putting in sleeper agents? What is Anna capable of? - but instead she ... doesn't really. What? Fine, fine, they can't answer all the questions right now otherwise the show will be over. Feh.

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Tyler is a typical annoying teenager some more and goes to meet Lisa's mother. She is Anna, of course. She charms him by bringing him to the engine room and being all sexy and nothing at all like his own mother. Tyler is happy to be included in the V's world and ignores a phone call from his mother, who finally seems to be figuring out her son is in deep. Oh, and Ryan's fiance is pregnant. Hybrid baby! I have to wonder ... she went to the V's for the check up. Wouldn't they be able to tell with their technology that she had a half-lizard in her? Hmm. Also reporter Decker does a report from their medical facilities and they tell him he's dying. They can heal him, but he'll be back to being their butt monkey for awhile. That's such a set up, Decker, fight them!

We get a look at Anna's 'Bliss' ability when she gets naked and tells everyone to be happy and calm. All the V's look blissed out. Then we see that there are hundreds of V ships waiting just outside of Earth's atmosphere, probably ready to come and destroy all of us trusting humans. In the end Erica and team have their first victory when they manage to figure out the vitamin thing: it's actually being placed in our flu shots rather than any of their material. They destroy it and kick butt for one more day, but then Father Hotness gets stabbed in his own church. Noooooooooo! But he has to stay alive to create awkward sexual tension with Erica!

Well, that's it for 2009. Come back in March 2010 if you remember that this show even exists. Despite that annoying jump, the first four episodes of "V" have been very promising and exciting. It's worth continuing with, so keep that in mind.

Story by Chelsea Doyle
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