Whatever you think of Uwe Boll (and for most people, it’s not much), you have to admit this: The man has some guts. By the look of the teaser for his upcoming “Auschwitz,” Boll has started making a movie that no one will like, no matter how good it turns out to be.

Warning: This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users

Barely a minute long, this trailer is easily the most disturbing cinematic depiction that I’ve ever seen. The panic in the chamber, combined with the indifferent and casual guard (played by Boll himself) made me sick to my stomach.

Boll has seemingly set out to depict extreme realism, to show things in Auschwitz as they were every day. There is no resourceful captive furtively hatching a plan for escape. There is no undercover member of the German resistance fighting the good fight from behind enemy lines. There is no Allied offensive liberating the camp at the last possible moment. There is only desperation and terror, and death, and the complacent attitude of those that allowed it to happen.

As a moviegoer, I have mixed feelings, but as someone who appreciates art, I respect what Boll is trying to do. He is not trying to give hope, or to reinforce the belief that human beings are inherently good. Boll has set out to depict what we can become at our worst, with an unflinching realism that is deeply disturbing, demoralizing, and very hard to watch.

When “Auschwitz” is released, though, I think that I’ll try.