Considering that the initial premise of Suits involves Mike Ross's lack of a postgraduate degree, it's a perfect tie-in to have the best show on television taking its stars to college campuses.

The Suits College Tour arrived at UCLA on Thursday night, screening the upcoming midseason premiere and featuring a question-and-answer session with series stars Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty, who play hotshot attorney Harvey Specter and Harvey's tough assistant Donna Paulsen.

Included here are photos from the evening at UCLA.

The road trip began with UC Berkeley on February 4. It continues on to the University of Arizona (February 11), Northwestern University, (February 18), Boston University (February 26), the show's alma mater Harvard University (February 27), and Columbia University (March 3). Different cast members will represent the show on different dates.

This isn't the first time USA Network has appealed to college audiences; previously, its hit comedy Psych - which USA recently announced will come to an end after its current season - toured ten campuses, including two that are stops on the Suits agenda, Boston University and Northwestern University.

Suits returns to USA on Thursday, March 6. You can check out a teaser for the show's return below.

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