It's official! Sean P (aka Sean Paul of the YoungBloodZ) is going to Iraq with the Navy. Not for the reasons you would immediately think. The U.S. Navy has exclusively employed the entertainment services of Sean P in the countries of Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Though Sean P won’t be serving his country as an active duty member of the military, he will serve his country by entertaining U.S. soldiers in the Middle East that are in need of some good ol' down south crunk entertainment. "Everyday, these guys, put their lives on the line for the freedom that we take for granted. It's because of them that I have the freedom to do what I do. As frightening as it sounds to go over there, the least I can do is spend some of my time and say thanks by performing with them. They are the true heroes," states Sean P.

Recently, the hip hop emcee, commonly known as Sean Paul, adopted the new moniker "Sean P." The Atlanta native is currently promoting his latest record "My Swag." This song, co-written by upcoming producer, RawBeatzz, is receiving phenomenal feedback from DJ's, radio program directors, music directors, and fans nationwide. "My Swag" is predicted to be one of many records that are to be released by Sean P as the public anticipates the long awaited solo project to be released in early 2007.

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