Tara, working outside, is bedevilled by a cawing crow. She transitions into Buck, who shoots the crow, then back into herself as Tara. While telling Dr Hatteras about the incident, she says that she thinks the contract they’ve made is really working out. He’s more concerned with what Tara is not telling him, like how she’s dealing with Max. She claims they’ve talking about his worries, but Hatteras says having sex instead of talking is not dealing with a problem. He’s concerned that she has settled for things being ‘fine.’

Max is not happy with his new job at OrgaLawn, and the tricks they use on their customers. They use ‘Flowers Be Beautiful’ spray to make the flowers smell nice, and green dye to give lawns the appearance of being well tended. Tara thinks he shouldn’t care so much, as it’s just a job. A job that lets him come home for lunch, and have sex on the table. Problem is, Max is aware it wasn’t Tara he was having sex with, but T. He tells her again that he just wants her, Tara, in his life, not the other characters within her.

Marshall and Noah are working on a tiny town set up that they are planning to film for their project. Despite the lack of actors and sets, Noah thinks they’ll still have a better film than Lionel, as they are more informed on the intricacies of filming. They go through old home video, to find scenes that show Max and Tara’s ‘boring’ life before the alters appeared. When Max comes upon the boys watching the tape, he says their life was always crazy, but he loved her, and still loves her. Marshall interviews Tara on camera for his project, asking her how she and Max met. Tara admits she made the first move.

Neil invites Tara and Charmaine’s mother, Beverly, to meet his daughter, much to the girls’ chagrin  Charmaine’s given up on breast feeding, as baby Cassie is not getting enough nutrition. Char thinks her inability to properly feed the baby may be psychosomatic, since she’s afraid that her breast implants may pass foreign bodies to the child. When their mother visits, Tara immediately transitions into T, and leaves. Tara tells Hatteras that T’s appearance was for Tara’s protection. Neil admits that he wants the girls’ mother in their lives because she has money, and their lifestyle is very expensive.

With Beverly staying the night, Tara tells Charmaine she can’t be around her mother. When Beverly forces the issue, Tara transitions into Alice, and tells her that she wasn’t a good mother, and Tara wants nothing to do with her. While discussing the incident with Hatteras, she feels that Alice is saying what she, Tara, would say if she could. Hatteras says, for growth, she needs to do things that are difficult, even if doing those things is hard.

Beverly takes Charmaine and Neil to an exclusive baby shop, where Char admires an expensive, hospital grade, breast pump. Beverly finally admits that she’s spent all of her money on a treatment centre for her husband, the girls’ father. She’s used them, just as Char and Neil used her, but she got what she wanted – a chance to see her granddaughter.

With no possible money coming from Beverly, Neil has to take the job with his brother, which will take him away from Char and Cassie for about two months.

 Kate seems to be a hit as a flight attendant. She asks a passenger, Evan, to pick up a Burger Nut candy dispenser from Tulsa, as she’s flying everywhere, but only sees the inside of airports. Evan returns with the dispenser, but doesn’t take Kate’s hint that she’d like to see him again. Kate tells Tara she feels old and unattractive, because Evan is not responding to her in the way she’s used to. Tara suggests Kate ask Evan out, saying if she’s not nervous, and it’s not hard, then it’s not worth it.  Kate invites Evan to dinner, and he turns her down.

Dr Hatteras tells Tara she’s got to stop believing she’s seven people, and just be. The personalities exist as parts of her that take over. But we all have different parts within. She needs to integrate those parts, by finding the hardest thing she can do, and doing it. That night, Tara, as  Buck, visits Beverly, then transitions back into Tara when Beverly speaks. Beverly apologizes, saying she’s trying to change, and Tara should understand. They decide that, whatever Beverly has to say to Tara, Tara will listen, as Tara.    

Max picks up Tara from school, and they cuddle together as he walks her home. Marshall realizes that the film he’s making about Tara’s alters and their impact on the family isn’t a horror film, or a monster movie, it’s a love story.

As Hatteras transcribes his notes from his session with Tara, we hear a different voice on the tape – has yet another personality emerged? We hear his recorded voice say "You're in control, you're the only one who's ever been in control... You're not Tara anymore, are you?"  The voice responds, "You will not win."