In the dark night, we see a middle aged man walking across a roof top, with a kite tail attached to his ankle. Suddenly, he jumps off the edge.

In Tara’s kitchen, Tara is waxing eloquently about the benefits of yoga, while cooking a huge steak. We catch up on everyone’s week.  Kate continues to pursue Evan, the frequent flyer still immune to her charms, Charmaine wonders how to handle the baby on her own, with Neil away, before remembering that she’s left said baby on its own, and Marshall is struggling with his film project. Max is in a great mood. His birthday is coming, he has a job that requires little brainwork, and he’s rediscovered his old electric guitar. Tara thinks they should have his birthday party at a nearby club, and get his old band, Beaverlamp, back together for a reunion gig. They’ll have Char’s baby shower in the afternoon, and his party at night.

When Kate sees Evan on her flight, she first ignores him, then asks him why he turned down her date request. He says that he’s gone through a rough divorce, has a child, and lives miles away from her. When she next sees him, the flight they were supposed to take is cancelled due to bad weather. They wind up at a hotel, where Kate learns that Evan has been divorced for three years, and works for an energy company specializing in wind turbines. With the weather expected to stay bad over the weekend, he suggests he rent a car and drive them home next day.

When Tara drops by Dr. Hatteras’ office to talk to him about the B minus she received on her paper, he is a strange mood, and tells her that he’s cancelling her appointments.

Max talks to his old bass player about the band. Kyle hasn’t played since his colon cancer. Max seals the deal with a promise to re-brick Kyle’s patio.  When ‘Beaverlamp’ get together for rehearsal, Max is disappointed that they can’t seem to concentrate enough to play through even one song. Charmaine takes the opportunity to flirt with the band members. Tara tells Max that Hatteras has dumped her, but assures him that she’s good, she’s fine.

Marshall and Noah, scanning through old home videos, find one of Buck on camera, describing how to give oral sex to a woman. Noah thinks the film judges will love the weirder clips of Tara and her alters, but Marshall wonders if the movie is really about Max. When they interview Max about why he quit the band, he explains he’d rather be a bad assed dad then a half assed guitarist. While Marshall struggles to understand why Max had two children after realizing that Tara was ill, his questions anger Max, and he ends the interview. Marshall kicks Noah out of the basement, then seeks out Lionel, who tells him that he (Marshall) has intimacy issues. Or possibly Marshall is still in love with Lionel. Marshall doesn’t want Lionel to talk, he just wants to have sex.  

Tara wakes to find Alice and Shoshanna worrying about Tara, and saying someone needs to talk to the Professor. When she approaches them, they leave. Buck visits Hatteras, saying Hatteras can’t quit on Tara. Hatteras’ asks Buck what he knows about ‘you will not win’, and Buck shows fear, saying he’s having trouble finding him. When Hatteras’ tricks Buck into touching his/her earrings, Buck transitions back into Tara. As Tara tells him about seeing the alters talking to each other, he turns his laptop around to show her the headline “Kite Boy Takes A Flying Leap.  Doctor Jack Hatteras Declines Comment.” His decades of work with “Kite Boy” have ended with a … bang. He kicks Tara out of his office. Later, Max visits Hatteras, who tells him his publisher wishes he was dead. Hatteras then begins a rant against American cheeses, missing the European cheeses he enjoyed before. When Max wants to know if Hatteras will keep the promise he made to her, Hatteras says he can medicate her, and give her a few good years, but the truth is, it’s never going to get any better. Ever. Max is devastated.

At the baby shower/birthday party/band reunion, everyone seems well lubricated. Kate arrives just as the band starts playing their first song, written for Tara, that Max sang to Tara the night he proposed. As Tara begins to place the candles on the cake, she transitions into another alter. Taking a beer bottle from the table, she goes to the parking lot, breaks the bottle against a parked car, and cuts her arm, while wearing an evil smile.