Los Angeles' Underground Orchestra has arrived! Nominated for Best Jam Band by the OC music Awards, and sharing Bills with various national touring acts such as Tea Leaf Green, New Monsoon and ALO, the Underground Orchestra have been spreading their infectious energy throughout Southern California, and with the release of their debut album, "Active Ingredient," are poised to make a name for themselves as one of the hottest improv acts in the country. This is all in the first year of their existence.

There is no doubt UO's roots are firmly planted in Rock and Roll, but their sound extends far beyond a particular genre. With a full sound involving Jazz, Funk, Fusion and middle eastern melodies, UO has one foot in the door of traditional rock stylings, and the other, wildly kicking out into the musical universe. All of this is fueled by the masterful guitar playing of Sam Feldman, truly a guitar god in the waiting.

"Active Ingredient" is a wopping debut, full of blistering energy and tight groove composition, very reminiscent of the collaborative work between Buddy Miles and Santana. Add a little mandolin and Fender Rhodes to the mix, and you have the genuine article.