Have you prayed to the dome this week? We can only hope so, because for the first time all season, "Under the Dome" boasts a threat that's actually threatening. No more butterflies or magnets or blood rain that causes mild skin irritation; "Revelation" brings Chester's Mill to the brink of societal collapse with swine flu terrorism.

The townspeople seem to have recovered from last week's Biblical-ish acid rain (Big Jim's face is less splotchy, at least, even if Lyle's isn't, at all). Little do they know, an actual danger is on its way in the form of Rebecca Pine and her census-turned-killing spree.

Granted, the entire main cast knows about Rebecca's plan, and you'd think word would have had to get out somehow, but no, it didn't. This is one of those rare secret evil plots that's spoken of freely in the street and yet is still also secret when convenient.

Last week we started to put things together, that the census was really a way to weed out the weak and feeble and that Rebecca was completely, unabashedly insane. "Revelation" gives us the whole truth. Rebecca's been monitoring livestock farms, and when she comes upon a four-legged disease with the power to kill humans (which she has), she'll take a sample, incubate it in a few eggs, and then unleash it into the town's water supply. Only the weakest among the population will fall ill and die, thus leaving Chester's Mill populated exclusively with superhuman, disease-resistant ubermenschen.

This is dumb in roughly six hundred different ways, but this is "Under the Dome," and "Under the Dome" viewers have come to expect a little dumb in their TV drama.

Here's one such flaw that's worth picking apart: all season long, we've seen Rebecca and Julia as a personified science vs. faith debate. Only now, science is a complete nut who wants to commit mass murder for the greater good. Does that mean faith wins? Or will we see an equal amount of ridiculous on the opposite side later on?

For example, Julia wants to murder Lost Girl (now known as Melanie) because the dome says so, and Rebecca has to stop her. Whether that happens or not, science vs. faith has not been an entirely objective debate.

Big Jim and Rebecca, our two resident genociders, have a moral decision to make. Now that they have their poisoned pig eggs, can they really use such a bizarre weapon to take innocent lives? Big Jim seems willing and ready, which speaks volumes about how little his conversion to Dome-ism seems to have changed him.

Rebecca, on the other hand, has a crisis of conscience. Sure, she claims to have stopped just because she heard that the virus mutated, but we all know gazing at her potential churchgoing victims had some effect too. Murder's always harder when the victim is a tiny adorable baby.