Political humor has always been a mainstay of stand-up, late night, and sitcom writers. And the ratings always skyrocket in the year of a Presidential election, thanks to gaffes and guest appearances (and sometimes we’re lucky enough to have a few candidates with a sense of humor).

With every presidential race determined to be the most important of all, it's imperative that we as Americans take a step back and laugh at the process of selecting our President - as well as the "characters" seeking that office.

So who offers the best fodder for the next four years? Let’s take a look:

Barack Obama – The Enigma: Barack has thus far proved to be a difficult egg to crack. While Fred Armisen does an admirable job, he admits that his impersonation is just wearing makeup, furrowing his brows, and starting every sentence with "look." While Obama is rather new to national attention, that shouldn’t always prove to be a problem (see: Sarah Palin). Are people afraid of crossing a racial line?

Fred Armisen As Barack Obama