Hold onto your pants internet - teen pop superstar Justin Bieber announced Christmas Eve that he is officially retiring. 

That's right, you better belieb it. Bieber has amassed a fortune so vast, that he can finally retire at the venerable age of 19. 

Don't belieb me? Here's the tweet, straight from the horse's twitter.

For fans everywhere, this will mean the end of a long 6-some-odd year journey. For everyone else, this probably means the end of a very long and painful endeavor. It's either the best, or worst Christmas gift someone could ask for.

At 46 million followers on Twitter, the star has ascended to a famedom seldom few have ever achieved- with Forbes naming him in the top 5 most powerful celebrities in the world. With 15 albums released, a net worth of over 130 million and the largest following of teenage girls the world has ever seen, I think it's safe to say that, love him or hate him, Justin had an impressive run.

Still, we think the highlight of his career came in his CSI cameo. How could any of us forget that? (This may be slightly embellished, but it's a fair farewell to Bieber.)