This spring sees the return of the UK’s hottest soul singer, Terri Walker. 'I Am' is a fusion of intelligent styles, blended into an accessible and commercial sound. The album features ten stunning tracks which are sure to capture the imaginations of all generations.

Terri signed with London based independent label Dekkor Records directly after coming out of her deal with Universal. “The concept was simple” states Leo Alexander from the label, “Make the album you want to make”.

Terri has co-written and co-produced all tracks from the album, taking the sound back to her debut Mercury Music Prize nominated recording "Untitled" and pushing it even further. 'I Am' is set to become Terri’s signature piece.

Recorded in London and mixed by Gerry “The Gov” Brown in LA, the album features a variety of cutting edge talent. Gerry, whose list of musical credits reads like a Who’s Who of rock and soul. “It’s amazing working with a guy like that who just drops names like Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder into a conversation,” she says. “And Gerry and Dekkor, they just let me do my thing - everybody just let me do what I felt was right for me, and the result is an album that I love”.

The opening track 'I Am' (produced by Sammy Jay) is a statement from Terri, establishing from the outset this is her album and her sound. The first single from the album, Alright With Me is a funky, playful and melodic pop song. Addicted features TY and was produced by James Yarde (who also takes the reins on Imperative). The album closes with Imperative, where Terri’s voice sounds nothing short of inspirational.

With the release of 'I Am' you will be seeing much more of Terri, as she takes these songs out of the studio and on to the live stage.

“I want to do as many performances as possible. I want people to see me live, and I want to sing live. I’m really looking forward to it. That’s the next thing for me”.

"I Am" Track Listing:
1. I Am
2. No Matter Whatever
3. Addicted
4. Forever And A Day
5. Alright With Me
6. The Truth
7. I Don’t Care
8. Side By Side
9. Outta My System
10. Imperative