Married pop star Robbie Williams has revealed he'd consider having sex with another man for $3 million.
Asked what it would take for him to go gay for a passionate clinch during a two-hour web chat, the former Take That star undercut his friends, who were also involved in the online get together with fans, and came up with a serious fee.
He said, "I'm coming in, £2 million."
His wife Ayda, who was also part of the web chat, challenged the singer over his price, prompting Williams to joke, "You never know what could come of this, babe you could be having a new car in the New Year... Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm the cheapest."
The Angels singer then suggested he'd waive his sex fee for a tryst with Brad Pitt, joking, "It's a freebie for Brad Pitt. How much would I have to pay him?"