Okay, so Betty really is moving back to Queens. Now, you may be asking, "Ummm…Didn't she just move to the city at the beginning of the season?" And you would be absolutely right. I don't get the short-lived story arc either. Maybe it was too hard to keep her family involved in the plot when Betty wasn't living under their roof - or, maybe with the current economic recession, the Ugly Betty writers wanted to toss a bit of reality into the storyline. But I say, "Boooooo." Personally, I liked Betty living in the city. It was a good shake-up from the previous seasons.

Anyway, while Betty is working out her move, Daniel and Molly are still going strong in their secret relationship. Molly's even given her new squeeze a pet name: "Rich Jerk." Daniel also finally tells Molly that Connor has started seeing Wilhelmina. Of course, it makes Molly and Daniel think that maybe they can come clean about their relationship since Connor has obviously found someone else. They agree that Daniel will tell Connor soon, before he finds out on his own. Daniel and Connor are still friends, and Daniel wants to keep it that way.

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What Daniel and Molly don't know is that Connor has already seen the page six picture, which shows Molly holding some mystery man's hand. Connor knows that Molly has moved on, but he doesn't know who the guy is. He is seriously obsessing over Molly's new relationship and, in his fixation, even starts ditching evenings with Wilhelmina.

As for Betty, she's busy looking for a new roommate to sublet her apartment after she moves out. She and Amanda start interviewing candidates; and Amanda seems to love everyone while Betty is more selective. Betty plays up the fact that her name will still be on lease, so she wants the new renter to be responsible - but really, you get the feeling that she is just stalling, so she won't have to move out of the apartment as quickly.

After interviewing potential roomies, Betty and Amanda are sitting around gabbing and hear cute-musician-neighbor-boy playing his guitar in the hall (yes, that would be Jesse, the guy that Betty had a big crush on and who Amanda made out with at the rooftop party). Amanda encourages Betty to go chat up Jesse, to get some closure on that whole chapter before she moves back to Queens. When Betty does so, and Jesse suggests they share a farewell drink, he manages to get Betty to invite him over. They start to talk…one thing leads to another…and Jesse eventually kisses Betty. (Shocker! Since ABC only showed the kiss in every preview for this week's ep…)

The next day, Betty tries to figure out what the kiss meant. She asks Amanda, Marc, and Daniel for their takes and gets answers ranging from "Jesse might actually like you" to "it might have only been a kiss and nothing more." Ultimately Betty realizes that she's just gotta talk to Jesse to find out.

That night, Betty knocks on Jesse's door, but he doesn't answer. She then pulls out her cell phone to call him - and she can hear the phone ringing from inside the apartment! Jesse is totally avoiding her. Betty goes back home to get some supportive girl-talk from Amanda. She is seriously hurt (and wearing a seriously weird hat - yes, weird even for "Betty" standards).

In the meantime, Molly sends Daniel a present at work - a t-shirt that says "Rich Jerk." Daniel laughs and asks Betty to send Molly some flowers (specifically, cheap flowers that don't look like they came from a rich jerk). He's also still trying to figure out when he should spill the news to Connor. The two guys plan to work out at the gym together that night, and Daniel contemplates telling his friend then.

When the men get to the gym though, Daniel struggles to get in the words. They are in the boxing ring when Connor confesses that he has been distracted at work, and he knows that it's been taking a toll on his job performance. In anger, Connor tells Daniel that Molly is seeing someone - but Connor doesn't seem to know that the "someone" is Daniel. Daniel starts hedging on telling Connor the truth, no longer sure that his buddy will take the news well.

After the gym, Connor drives Daniel over to Molly's building. They sit in the car, waiting to see if Molly's new boyfriend appears. They don't know that Wilhelmina has now started spying on Connor too, sitting with Marc in her car and trying to figure out what Connor and Daniel are doing. That's right: Connor and Daniel are spying on Molly, and Wilhelmina and Marc are spying on Connor and Daniel.

Right then, Betty shows up. She had forgotten about having flowers delivered to Molly, so she decides to take over a bouquet of carnations herself. Daniel sees Betty approaching, and he convinces Connor to go get him a cup of coffee before Betty gets too close to the car. Daniel then rushes out and tells Betty to leave. Confused, Betty hands Daniel the flowers and runs in the opposite direction, but Connor returns again before Daniel can dispose of the carnations. After making up a lame story about encountering some flower delivery boy, Daniel nervously watches as Connor opens the card. Luckily, all the note says is "To Molly, From RJ."

Daniel then advises Connor not to risk what he has going on with Wilhelmina because he is clinging to Molly. Connor seems to see Daniel's point because the two men soon leave. But before Wilhelmina and Marc leave the scene, they see Molly walking home on the sidewalk. Willy immediately figures out that Connor still has a thing about Molly.

The next day, Connor comes into Daniel's office and schedules another round at the gym that night. Then Wilhelmina confronts Connor about how he has not totally let go of Molly, and she knows it. She lays down the law, insisting that "it's all or nothing." Either he moves on from Molly, or he breaks up with Wilhelmina - she "won't beg."

Betty's love-life continues to be equally frustrating. After some prompting from Daniel, Betty officially decides to track down Jesse and demand to know what's going on. When she finds him at a café where he is performing, he admits that it was wrong to avoid her and says he just got confused after their kiss. He asks her to join him on a date that evening at that same café. Sure, Betty is reluctant to give another chance to the guy who has blown her off twice. But she has this romantic fantasy about "being in love in the city…" So after a dab of lip gloss from Amanda, Betty sets out to try to connect with Jesse one more time.

The problem is...Jesse is self-absorbed. Okay, we already knew that to some degree, but his date with Betty makes it official. Every time Betty even opens her mouth to speak, Jesse is there with some story about himself or his music. Then he glowingly tells Betty that she's "such a good listener." It's enough to convince Betty that Jesse is not a keeper. She tells Jesse that they should probably part ways and that he shouldn't worry - she was kinda using him to fulfill a selfish fantasy too. Then, she's off - which I assume means that the door is now firmly shut on Jesse's storyline.

That same evening, Daniel and Connor box at the gym. This time, Connor seems even more aggressive. Daniel starts to say that the two of them should talk when Connor throws a punch that knocks Daniel to the floor. Ooooh… Connor is maaaad. He knows that Daniel is RJ because he saw the "Rich Jerk" t-shirt on Daniel's desk at work. Connor is fuming about the outright deception by a supposed friend.

The next morning, Daniel has a black eye and a guilty conscience. He tries to talk to Connor, but Connor coolly says that he's already said what he needs to say. Then Connor approaches Wilhelmina and says that the thought of losing her is "unbearable" and he has no qualms with begging. What's great about scenes like this is that although they are sweet, Vanessa Williams' Wilhelmina is a little too prickly for the moment to seem saccharine sentimental.

In other Betty happenings… Back in Queens, Ignacio has hired a nurse named Elena, and it looks like she could double as a love interest down the road. At first, the two butt heads. Ignacio isn't anxious to change his lifestyle, but Elena give him some no-nonsense advise about his health and being there for his family. By the end of the episode, Ignacio is offering Elena breakfast and thanking her for being honest with him. I'd say there's potential for a love-connection there... That could be interesting - poor Ignacio really hasn't had a solid storyline since the first season.

And Betty has finally resigned herself to giving up the Manhattan dream for a while. She says goodbye to Amanda, who is actually a little teary eyed. Then Betty announces that she's found someone to sublet the apartment. Who should it be? Marc! (Okay, now does anyone else think that was a boring choice? Don't get me wrong - Marc and Amanda scenes are usually my favorite parts of the show, but as roommates, aren't the two of them a little…obvious?)

Well, in any event, Betty's back in Queens. Her family is thrilled to have her home, and her Manhattan friends are sorry to see her go. So whaddaya think? Post away.

Ugly Betty Stars: America Ferrera / Eric Mabius / Alan Dale / Tony Plana / Ana Ortiz / Vanessa Williams / Ashley Jensen / Becki Newton / Mark Indelicato / Michael Urie / Rebecca Romijn / Kevin Sussman / Freddy Rodriguez / Illeana Douglas / Judith Light / Christopher Gorham

Story by Chelsea Fogleman

Starpulse contributing writer