Okay, it seemed like more happened in this one episode than in the previous two combined. To recap, last week's episode of Ugly Betty ended with Christina getting pushed down a flight of stairs. When the closing credits rolled, we didn't know who had pushed Christina or if she was okay. This next episode was like a "whodunnit?" in which the victim lives. (Yeah, no worries! Christina is hospitalized, but she and the baby are going to be a-okay.)

Detective Averaimo (guest star, Mark Consuelos) is on the case. When he leads Betty into admitting that Daniel wouldn't tell her where he was last night, Daniel's alibi is immediately in question. The detective finds a size 11 shoe print at the bottom of the stairs (the same shoe size as Daniel's), and he puts Daniel under arrest.

I have to smile here. The Meade family sure has had their run-ins with the law.

Between Betty's desire to catch the person who pushed her friend and her desire to clear Daniel, Betty starts digging around for clues on her own. Claire and Alexis have bailed Daniel out of jail, but he's still not giving his alibi for the evening of Christina's accident.

Of course, Christina is in the hospital, and let me just say- Whoa! That hospital room has the panoramic view of a five-star hotel. I guess since Christina is Wilhelmina's surrogate mother, Willy is forking over major cash for these lavish accomodations. Anyway, speaking of Wilhelmina, she is using this sad situation as an opportunity to get extra PR. With paparazzi staring into the room and flashing their cameras, Wilhelmina sits mock-attentively at Christina's bedside.

Meanwhile, Betty's got some family drama. After recently realizing that her sister is dating a married man, Betty and Hilda have been on the outs. But the two more or less reconcile. Then Hilda asks Betty for a favor- Can she and Tony use Betty's apartment? They need a private place to talk. Betty is obviously reluctant to see her apartment turned into "a love den" (her words, not mine), but when Hilda assures her that they'll be no hanky-panky, Betty agrees.

Of course, this date at Betty's apartment turns into a disaster. We see Hilda and Tony innocently eating a meal. Then he mentions that the showers were broken at school, and he couldn't clean up after pulling his coaching duties. So Hilda says that she'll go out and get ice cream while he takes a shower at the apartment. What no one expects is this: While Tony is showering, Ignacio shows up. Ignacio has come over to put locks on Betty's door. Hilda walks into the apartment to find her dad in the doorway and Tony wrapped in a shower curtain. As Tony reaches for his clothes, his wedding ring falls to the floor, and Ignacio realizes that Hilda is dating a married man. Ah, the pure soap opera of it all!

All the while, Betty is still trying to figure out what happened to Christina. She visits her best pal in the hospital and learns that Christina had a big fight with Stuart a few hours before her accident. Of course, Christina doesn't want to believe that Stuart would have done this to her, but how could she not wonder?

Betty sees Stuart walking down the hallway and confronts him. (Yeah, Betty's pretty bold.) At the very least, Stuart betrayed Christina by using drugs again - especially after Christina went through all the hoopla of being a surrogate to pay for experimental treatments for his illness. When Betty talks to Stuart, she discovers that his shoe size is 14, which means he probably isn't the culprit. And, what's more, he's fallen back on drugs again because he's still sick. The experimental treatments failed, but he hasn't had the heart to tell Christina.

When Christina hears this news, she is devastated. At first, Wilhelmina tells her not to get upset (stress isn't good for the baby). But when a teary-eyed Christina tells Wilhelmina that Stuart is going to die, we see a rare moment of compassion from Willy. She gives Christina some sympathetic space.

For her part, Betty's still off playing detective. She approaches a security guard about the security tape from the night of the incident, but the tape has mysteriously gone missing. Without other alternatives, Betty begins questioning suspects one-by-one. Quickly ruling out Amanda and Mark, the two become Betty's fellow-detectives. They briefly hone in on Claire and Alexis Meade as potential suspects, but both Meades have alibis. Betty's trail of clues dwindles.

Then, Betty finds the missing security tape in Daniel's briefcase! Secretly slipping away with it, she takes the tape back to her family's house in Queens.

I half-expected Betty not to watch the tape and to realize that she just needed to have faith in Daniel. But she did indeed watch it - with her dad, no less. The tape is incriminating, but not in the way Betty expects. The film shows Daniel getting frisky with a woman on top of a copy machine. The next day, when Betty confesses to Daniel that she has watched the tape, we learn who the woman is. Daniel has been messing around with his court liason in his custody battle for his son DJ (whose maternal grandparents want him back in France). If it were to come out that he had been sleeping with the court liason, he could lose his son. So Daniel felt that the tape had to remain a secret.

Whew. Daniel's innocent. That's all well and good. But then, who pushed Christina down the stairs?

Right then, Daniel asks Betty to return his raincoat to Alexis. The coat had appeared earlier in the ep. It was covered in dust, and Daniel had wanted it dry cleaned. Betty had discovered the same kind of dust at the bottom of the stairwell where Christina had fallen - further leading Betty to the conclusion of Daniel's guilt. But if the coat actually belongs to Alexis, that means… Alexis pushed Christina!

In typical Betty-fashion, she goes straight to Alexis with the information. Alexis quickly breaks down. She hadn't meant to push Christina specifically. She was mad at Wilhelmina and frustrated by the fact that Christina was carrying Wilhelmina's (and the late Bradford Meade's) baby. It was pure adrenaline that led her to do it. Through a series of events, she'd ended up wearing Daniel's shoes (they're both a size 11), and the raincoat got dusty.

Alexis is persuaded to turn herself into authorities. Then we see moments of reconciliation by multiple characters: Hilda and Ignacio hug, and Wilhelmina shields Christina from the imposing paparazzi. As Alexis is being hauled off by the police, we learn one last thing. She tells Claire that she mistakenly opened a piece of Daniel's mail. In the envelope, there was a paternity test. It revealed that DJ was not Daniel's son, but Alexis'! (You know-- back from Alexis' days as a man).

Yeah. Yikes. I didn't see that last paternity part coming. It makes me a little bummed for Daniel, but the twist is definitely an interesting plot development.

Story by Chelsea Fogleman

Starpulse contributing writer