They call themselves TGT. As in Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank. Tyrese announced via Twitter, and then on the BET Awards after show, that he and the other two male vocalist are working on a album. Tyrese promised that this will be good 'ol fashion R&B,  without the infusion of techno or house music much like today's radio friendly songs.

I love R&B music. It's at the core of me. It's what soothes my mood. Now, am I excited about this? Yes and no. Yes, mostly because of Ginuwine. He had some of the best R&B songs in the 90s and early 2000s ("Pony," "Stingy," "Anxious," "Differences," ect.) He had the right tone and knew exactly what to do with it. No, because none of the three have really provided hit-worthy songs in the last couple of years.

Efforts made by Ginuwine in 2011, with his album Elgin, were lukewarm, only selling about 19,100 copies in its first week. He hasn't made an impact since his days as a hip-hop soul prince. Tyrese with his 2011 release, Open Invitation, ranked at an impressive ninth spot on the charts. But let's face it, in the world of R&B we all still know him for "How You Gonna Act Like That." Admittedly, I'm not too familiar with Tank. Heard of the name but never really listened to his music. While writing this post, however, I made an effort to listen to some of his songs; I'm not really connecting with it.  That's not to say TGT can't make it as a real group. They're all exceptional singers and seem to have a passion for true R&B music. But if there's going to be hype about an R&B "super group," don't you want validation? So if Tyrese continues to take to Twitter to sell me the goods, I want them delivered.

Check out a TGT song, "Sex", after the jump!

TGT -"Sex (Remix)"