Ever since the end of the critically acclaimed and beloved Battlestar Galactica, SyFy has struggled to bring a new property set in that universe. A prequel, Caprica, made it to only two seasons—and most of the second season was burned off in a single night.

Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome was going to also be a prequel, but set closer to the original shoe’s timeline than Caprica was. It stars o as William Adama (played by Edward James Olmos in Battlestar Galatica) and Ben Cotton as Coker.

It wasn’t picked up as a series, but it debuted as a two hour movie online on Machinima’s YouTube channel. Now, it makes its way to SyFy as a two hour movie tonight at 8 pm ET. It will also be out on DVD on February 19 and include footage not seen on SyFy or Machinima’s YouTube channel.

Pasqualino and Cotton recently participated in a press conference call with reporters. Here’s some highlights.

Pasqualino on if he spoke to Olmos about playing the character of Adama. “I was given Eddie's email address and we were kind of sending emails backwards and forward, but none of it was really about the work in terms of material and script and performances. More about just what's expected. You know, kind of the head to go into this whole thing with and, you know, just what to expect really. I kind of - I didn't really want -- not that I don't think Eddie's great; I think Eddie's fantastic. He did an amazing job and he's got such a huge fan base. I feel like he really did - you know, he helped make Battlestar what it is today. And I think, you know, I didn't really want any advice in terms of performance-wise from Eddie because I think seeing Adama at the age that I portray him compared to the age that Eddie portrays him, two completely different stages of anyone's life. And I didn't want anything that Eddie said to me to kind of really affect my interpretation of the material in a way. You know, go into it with clear heads and, you know, just kind of take the (unintelligible) into what I saw really just kind of get my own stamp on it.”

Cotton on whether or not newbies could enjoy the movie without seeing the original. “I think you could jump in on this. I think you could jump in on this. I mean it introduces the Adama character and if you weren't aware of him before I think you'd get a pretty good picture of this person.      I mean I'm always a big fan of doing things in order, but then again with this show you'd have to start with Caprica. Wouldn't you start with Caprica and then this and then Battlestar, the re-imagined version. But I feel like - no I feel like this is a contained story. You could jump in and just watch this and get a really good feeling for who these people are and what the world is and what's going on, you know?”

Pasqualino on whether or not the series could still get picked up. “We just need to see how well it's received, you know, when it airs and obviously we are very hopeful. I think actually for Ben as well and I said if we both get to carry on working on the show. I mean we had a great time working on it for the four weeks that we shot the pilot and, you know, to carry that on would be absolutely fantastic. Like I said all we can do now is just sit with our fingers crossed and just hope for the best.”