Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin-Schwartz: We are all connected... Everyone and Everything... Nothing is random... There are signs everywhere.

Don't believe it?

Apparently you haven't seen M. Night Shyamalan's film 'Signs'.

Jeff (Jason Segel) has seen it many, many times.  In fact, he's obsessed with it.  And so Jeff waits... for a sign. While waiting, Jeff spends his days smoking pot and hanging out in his mother's basement apartment where he lives. 

Jeff knows he's destined for something. He's just not sure what that 'something is.' But that's about to change, after our slacker gets a telephone call from someone asking to speak to... Kevin.

It's a wrong number of course, but Jeff sees it as a sign.  He's not too sure what to do it about the sign, until...

His mother, Sharon (Susan Sarandon) calls and sends him on an errand to buy glue.     

And it's this innocuous errand that starts Jeff on a 24 hour adventure, where he not only searches for signs. But also plays a basketball pick-up game, gets mugged, goes for a really hairy car chase, does some spying and has several encounters with his estranged brother Pat.

Pat (Ed Helms) who is having major marital problems after purchasing a brand new Porsche without telling his wife Linda (Judy Greer) 

'Jeff Who Lives At Home' directed by Mark and Jay Duplass (Cyrus) is a quirky endearing dramedy filled with rich characters and several surprises, including one revolving around Sharon and her secret admirer.

It's also a film about love (brotherly and marital) and what happens when you get up off the couch and go after your destiny.

It's not a perfect film.  I had a problem with the ending, but I still gave 'Jeff Who Lives At Home' 3 1/2 bagels out of 5.

The film opens Friday, March 16, 2010 and it's definitely worth the trip to your local cinema.

Of course John, the other half of 'Two Jews on Film,' did not share my sentiments. Check out our video to see his thoughts and watch him try and turn off our I-phone.