Two Jews on Film - By Joan Alperin Schwartz: I love laughing.  Nothing feels as good as a big fat belly laugh... Well, maybe one other thing, but laughing is definitely right up there.  So I was really looking forward to seeing Adam Sandler's new film 'Jack and Jill,' directed by Dennis Dugan (Grownups).  It's a comedy, right? Wrong!

There is absolutely nothing funny about this movie.  This is a really bad film that totally condescends to its audience.

Good comedy has to have a basis in reality.  The characters have to be believable. They can be over-the-top, but they have to be real people.  A perfect example are the characters in 'Hangover' and 'Bridesmaids.'  They did some outrageous things, had super quirky personalities, but they never ever became caricatures.

And that's exactly the problem with 'Jack And Jill.'  The main character, Jill (Adam Sandler) is a 100% caricature. Adam Sandler and his co-writer, Steve Koren,  have made her so obnoxious, so over-the-top, so gross and abrasive, that you never for one second believe that Jill is a real person.  Jill's behavior, from her bathroom noises, to her sweat stains on the bed, to her lack of boundaries are all there to illicit laughs... and unfortunately for the audience... she doesn't.

But that's not the only problem with the film.  Adam Sandler, as everyone knows by now, plays the part of Jill and her twin brother, Jack.  Jack is a successful advertising executive, living in a house straight out of the pages of Archectural Digest... He's happily married to a totally underused, Katie Holmes.  Her part consists of smiling and frowning.  Sandler and Katie never hold hands, kiss or touch... They have as much chemistry as two amoeba.

Now for Jack's children... I can picture Sandler and Koren in a room discussing what kind of kid they can create for Jack's family that's... funny.  All of a sudden one of them shouts... Let's make the kid adopted... from India... Yeah, we can write all these really cool jokes about people from India... and... and... Not only is the boy from India but... he likes to...  tape things to his body... Mice, birds, salt shakers... Every scene, he'll tape something else to his body... Seriously!!!  What were these writers drinking?

And to complete the picture, we have none other than Mr. Al Pacino playing... none other than Mr. Al Pacino.  And guess who he falls madly in love with?  That's right? Sister Jill.

Everything in this film misfires... You don't care at all about any of the characters and in the end, the filmmakers want you to think that 'Jack And Jill' is a message movie... about love, family and acceptance... Are they kidding?

Do they think audiences are really gonna buy this dribble?  Well 'Jack And Jill' opens in theaters Friday, November 11, 2011 so I guess we'll find out soon enough.

This is the first time that I actually gave a film less bagels than John... 1/2 half... dry. Check out our video to see John's bagel rating.